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About Gin and Tacos

Hello and thank you. My name is Ed Burmila, though most people know me as that Gin and Tacos guy. I'm a political scientist, writer, commentator, and person who likes to entertain other people. 

I have no expectations with Patreon, but many of you have read, followed, commented, and enjoyed my stuff since George W. Bush's first term. Your support, financial or otherwise, means a lot to me. 

2018 is going to be a time of transition for me. I may be exiting academia, although at present I'm still in the classroom where I belong. I've also worked some contacts in the publishing industry to move my book proposals along, and there is a good chance I will be devoting myself full-time to writing in the future. As you probably know, writing is not terribly lucrative. So, if you're willing to help support me through this change I'd be eternally grateful. If not, guess what: I'm still grateful that you're a fan. 

Money has always been incidental to what I do, and only recently have people begun pointing out to me, "You know, you should make some money from all that writing..."  So let's join hands and gallop into late stage capitalism together. The next year or two is going to be very exciting for me and I hope you will be a part of what's ahead.
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At 10,000 patrons I will quit my job and broadcast a live webcam feed of me rolling around in money 
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