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Platypuses are Choosy!



About GingesBeCray

Hi! I'm TTM (TalksTooMuch) and I write recaps of really good TV shows. Also some "interesting" shows, but a metric tonne of cool British dramas including Gentleman Jack, Happy Valley, Unforgotten, Bodyguard and Fleabag. Fleabag's not exactly a drama but it is AWESOME.

If you would like to help support the site (and my "writing", thank you!) there are tiers! Or literally what anyone else would call levels, but whatever. You can also just do a one-time pledge if you feel weird about a monthly stipend.

Tier 1 is Turtle! Totally underestimated but the OGs of the sea world. This level comes with a (hilarious) Regular-Ish Newsletter, a Thank You and all of my appreciation.

Tier 2! That is for Llamas, typically overlooked by Alpaca enthusiasts but making for fantastic children's books.  That level included the (hilarious) Regular-Ish Newsletter, my Thank YOU and ad-free recaps of your choice EMAILED DIRECTLY TO YOU. I know!!

Tier 3 is all about the Platypuses, the plural of which can be debated. It comes with everything you see in the other levels PLUS you get to choose a TV show you would like recapped! Or a movie review! Your choice, because Platypuses are choosy.

Tier 4 is for Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea. Always graceful, always pointy, this level comes with everything already listed AND you get the ad-free recaps emailed to you FIRST. That's right, you get exclusive, VIP pre-access to any/all recaps you like. You might want to specify, in case you're not into baking (you aren't??) or something

Top Tier! Tier 5 is Pug, of course and it's a preeeetty sweet deal. Not only does it have everything else in the other levels, it also has exclusive access to my upcoming / planned monthly essay series, available only on Patreon. Iknowrite?? MOAR talking!

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