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I like to say 'quark'! Quarkquarkquarkquarkquark!

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Hello there! I'm a physics graduate student and generally overexcitable geek. And as much as I love teaching and learning about physics, cosplay allows me step out of my mild-mannered graduate life and become something more.

Magical girls, superheroes, scientists (okay, I don't fall that far away from my graduate student alter ego)... they all allow me to explore different aspects of who I am, and the person I hope to become!

The only thing I love more than dressing as a character I love is sharing my process -- research, building, makeup, posing, and photography -- to help others learn to do it themselves. I release tutorials, timelapses, patterns, and tips to help others start (and continue) on their own creative journeys.

A photo is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is that more apparent than cosplay. So much work that you don't see goes into each stitch, each ruffle, each brushstroke.

This Patreon is for people who want to know the stories behind the cosplay. Here, I'm documenting the story behind whole process: the research, the design, the casualties (my poor, hot-glue-burned fingers), the unexpected successes, all the way down to the final picture edits. By being a patron, you get to see the 1,000 words behind each photo!

Plus, every dollar that goes into this Patreon goes straight back into cosplay. Wigs, fabric, foam, photoshoots, sewing machine maintenance... all so I can produce more content directly to YOUR computer & phone screens (and in person if we're ever at a mutual convention)! Living expenses, convention attendance, and travel will all still come out of my own pocket -- Patreon just helps me afford materials and tools I might not be able to otherwise!

I hope you'll consider pledging! I'm made some things to bribe- I mean, to encourage you. Read on to find out more!

Patreon Feed ($1+)
Functions like a Facebook feed, but DELUXE! Stay up-to-date on everything crafty, see what it's like behind the camera, and access all new photoshoots, tutorials, and more before they're released publicly! 

Patron Livestream ($1+)
Kick back and take a night off with me as I delve into what's currently going on in my cosplay world! I'll go into detail about current goings-on as well as plans for the future, plus we can just... chat about stuff.

Patterns & Digital Downloads ($5+)
I offer high-quality photo downloads for $5+ patrons! Each project gets you several different HD photos that can be used as desktop backgrounds, mobile backgrounds, or to make your own prints!

I make a lot of patterns for specific characters, and I want to share them with the world! As a $10 patron, you'll get 2-3 digital patterns for each costume, including Patreon-exclusive details.
$88 of $100 per new costume

At $100/month, I'll add higher tiers with physical rewards for Patrons, including prints, terrible physics scribbles, photo books, handmade crafts, and more!
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