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About Ginny Owens

Hello Friend,

I’m so glad you’re here! In case we’ve never met, I am a singer/songwriter, and my ultimate goal is to offer hope in every lyric and story I share. So much of life doesn’t work out the way we planned – jobs change, illnesses strike, relationships struggle to survive. It can be easy to lose hope. Having been blind since age three, I have experienced that struggle, but through my faith in God, I’ve come to believe it is possible for all of us to live a story of hope, no matter our circumstances.

Why Patreon?
Patreon is a platform where you can support artists you love, and in return, receive behind-the-scenes perks such as un-released music, live chats with me and special guests, and backstage access to concerts. With your support, I can continue releasing music and other content.

Why give?
Music and videos cost money to create but are consumed virtually for free. Each time a song is streamed, for instance, the artists and writers share a whopping ¼ cent royalty. Your patronage will make it possible for me to produce music despite that fact, enabling me to bring hope and support to people around the world.

Here’s what your patronage will help create:

I’ll release a new song every 6-8 weeks, and a new album each year.
As a patron, you’ll hear the music I’m creating before anyone else does, and in our hangouts, you’ll get to hear the stories and heart behind the songs.

If we reach our goal, I’ll release a lyric video or a live performance video every eight weeks. You’ll also get to hear and see how I make them!

I love sharing stories of hope along with my music. I’ll release two 5-episode seasons of the How I See It podcast each year, which will feature these stories.

Thank you so much for partnering with me in my music! I look forward to being on this journey with you.

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