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is creating REAL super heroes with 3D print!

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You and I, let's change more lives.


My name is Gino Tubaro, I'm an inventor from Argentina, I love create things to help people, I prefer to do things more than speak, when I was 5 I teardown the iron of my mom, oh boy. I'll like to introduce myself and told you more histories, but I have someone that can do it for me:

As Obama says, I love 3D printing and I use it to create youth super heroes. Today we 3D print hands for those who need them. And each hand is FREE for all.

How we can give them for free? Is because of people like you support me.

We gave more than 1400 prosthesis in less than 3 years of work, we are getting quickly and effective in the process of printing and shipping.


I create a small event that we called "Manoton" (a mix between Hand and Marathon in spanish, got it?) which is a day were the kids enjoy a lot. A group of volunteers leds by me assemble this mechanical hands in just an hour, because of the simplicity of the design. After all, see Isamara playing with his hand: 

Now I want to go to countries such as Egypt, India, South Africa, and others to help kids, I'm going to install a 3D printer with a filament extruder (a machine to create the main input of the 3D printer) in local schools, teach to some "Ambassadors" to print the hands and when doing so, giving them the free of making a prosthetic for free, when it cost thousands of dollars in orthopedics.

I'll be giving more than 500 prosthesis in Mexico and achieving a Guinness World Record from the 21 of January 2020 to the 17 of april of 2020 at Guadalajara. 

Rewards and Prizes

For you and me, it should be to know and see the happiness of a kid, but starting from an email of thanin the next Manoton I going to record them and in each video, we will be grateful. For example we'll mention everyone who funds us in the description of the upcoming video / videos in "special thanks" section or in the public pages (Facebook and Youtube). 

Also, I'll be sharing like a blog my new ideas and project, and some of the histories that I wanted to share at the beginning, i'll requiere your feedback, and, as a patron, it will be really valuable!

Others rewards will soon added!

$232 of $1,000 per month
As an independent creator I can't keep creating a high quality mechanical hands without new equipment, filament and many other tools, so the goal is to get enough support to keep producing the best possible way.

Thanks a lot!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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