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About giosdesk

I'm giosdesk
Formally Guiao, Ricardo Jr.

Comic Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist from the Philippines.
I've created Lakan at Makisig Webcomics way back in 2011 as a way to relieve my frustration of becoming a full time comic artist that time. Currently just got unemployed, and I now can focus on making more of these amazing comicstrips.

Lakan at Makisig, is about 2 brothers having their own silly adventure with their geek dad. Set in the Philippines, characters speaks in english to be able to reach a farther audience and demographic,comics for everyone!!!

Lakan at Makisig are basically my own kids with the same names. I was a young father that I have to sacrifice my dream of being a cartoon artist to support my family. Lakan at Makisig Webcomics was originally published on my website and it also been published on print. On the Newspaper, The Philippine Daily Inquirer since 2013. Some self published indie comics from yours truly as follows:

Lakan at Makisig - Make it Makulit, is my first book compilation of Black and White Strips.

I've started self publishing single Issue in full colors:
Lakan at Makisig - Geek of a Father
Lakan at Makisig - How I Got Into Komiks
Lakan at Makisig - ChildsPlay
Lakan at Makisig - Milk'n Tevee
Lakan at Makisig - Kids are Alright?
Lakan at Makisig - A Trip to the Unknown
Lakan at Makisig - Eat Pray Love

Help Me Continue this journey and make more Comics, Stories and Arts
With your support by pledging, I will be able to create more artworks and share what I have learned so far to you!
If you could help me reach my goals I would be forever thankful to you all.

Thanks and Let the journey begins!!!

$4.99 of $100 per month
My goal here to be able to create more comics, I have able to do, reasonably, 2 strips per week, Ideally I should be posting 3 strips per week (MWF). Baby steps...
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