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About Girl on the Net

I’ve been sex blogging since 2011, and while I adore the written word, I realise it has its limitations. Some of my readers use screenreaders for accessibility reasons, and one or two have pointed out that it's not particularly sexy hearing erotica read out by a robot voice (unless, of course, that's your very specific thing...).

So: I'm creating an audio version of my blog. Aural sex, if you will. You'll be able to listen to me - my actual voice - read you some of the best posts from the archives, though if you decide to do this on your bus ride to work I take no responsibility.

I've wanted to include audio on the blog for a really long time - this project has been in the works since halfway through 2016. Sadly, paid work always gets in the way - I keep needing to scrabble through commissioned work for other people, and that means the fun blog projects often get pushed to one side. 

By supporting me via Patreon you're making it possible for me to dedicate proper time to this - finding the right posts, recording (and rerecording) them, and eventually buying some equipment to do it in higher quality. More support means I've more time to record as well as write for the blog, and eventually it will mean I can hire others to read - my work and theirs - and start building a bank of accessible erotica for anyone who likes a filthy bedtime story.

If you'd like to see what I mean, and try out the audio before you become a Patron, I've put my very first audio posts online - I really hope you like it! If you do become a Patreon, there will be some Patreon-only audio treats (amongst other things I've got planned), so you'll get a few special extras.

I've been blogging for over 10 years, and in that time I've been lucky enough to build up a bunch of supportive, smart and filthy readers (I mean you're probably all gorgeous too, while I'm on the topic). If you're a long-time reader, thank you so much for making this such fun to create. If for whatever reason you're not in a position to contribute right now, but you'd still like to help keep this project going, please tell your friends, lovers, open-minded colleagues, anyone who you think would appreciate it. Your words can make a huge difference.

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I'll also be able to spend more time writing new posts for the blog, to serve as inspiration for future audio, and increase the amount of money I currently pay guest bloggers, who write their own amazing stories for the site. 

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