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Listen, we love that you love our show, and if you are interested in chipping in to help us continue to record the podcast, talk to amazing guests, and be a part of our kick-ass internet girl gang community, well, we appreciate that, as well!

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What the [email protected] is going on right now?
If you are our moms, deep breaths, everything is fine, we’re not distributing sex tapes over the internet (yet). You got here by clicking the link on our podcast Facebook page that you check every so often looking for pictures of the grand kids, and instead, find posts about squirting. Back out slowly, we’ll email you the kid photos.

To everyone else, hey what’s up!

We’re Brittany and Meredith, and we host the podcast Girl’s Girls.

Girl’s Girls is a weekly podcast featuring our unadulterated view on womanhood. Relationships, parenting, sex, politics, pop culture, cool guests, we’ve got it all, and we give it to you every Thursday.

Awkward 3rd person description of who we are, AND GO: Brittany Gibbons is a new York Times Bestselling author and humorist (Fat Girl Walking and The Clothes Make the Girl Look Fat, HarperCollins), blogger and internet addict, Meredith Soleau runs an insanely huge social media marketing firm, 424 Degrees, and dabbles in stand up comedy. They’ve known each other since high school, when they used to star in all the high school musicals together; Meredith playing the gorgeous leading role, Brittany playing some 2nd lead role as her mother or some other old and disfigured character there for comedy relief. They are both married with kids, and really good at dishing out advice to women, while at the same time, taking none of said advice for themselves.

Why Patreon?
You might be thinking, whoa, this podcast has always been free, is this a money grab? And to that we have two answers.

  1. No. This podcast will always be free, and accessible to everyone at zero cost, always.
  2. Shhhh. Don’t do that thing where you diminish content creators, especially female content creators, because what they do is on the internet, not always tangible, or appears easy.

So why are we doing this? Well first of all, we want to be able to support and pay the women (and trust us, it’s all women) who help make this amazing podcast. From the graphic designers, to editors, live show producers and sound professionals, new podcast creators within Girl's Girls Media, etc. We are surrounded by a girl gang, and throwing money their way is deeply important to us. Secondly, we earn it. We work hard, we support women, and we’re good at what we do, so we’re doing this thing where we are proud of ourselves and straight up owning it.

What do you get for your money?
Access to the Girl’s Girls Facebook Group. This women’s only group is centered around the podcast, and is a great place to chat about the show, or just meet other amazing women, talk about life, plan some meet-ups, make friends (internet friends are real friends, mom), and interact with us almost daily. What if I'm a guy? Hey, the group might be off limits, but keep reading, because you're still going to get loads of fun all access treats for your money, and it's a great way for you to support women, as well!

Patreon Only Content. That's right, a whole mess of extras just for you! We'll post blooper reels, extra shows, videos, and other exclusive content accessible only to our Patreon supporters!

Facebook Live. We record our podcasts together, so once a week we’ll be hopping in the Girl's Girls Facebook group to chat Live, ask you your thoughts, show you what we’re up to that day (probably tacos and no pants), and if we happen to be traveling, we’ll throw in some fun Live check ins from where we’re visiting.

Girl’s Girls Media Updates. These patreon-exclusive posts will keep you up to date on show content, upcoming events, and also news and info about the new Girl’s Girls Media podcasts launching this year.

In Summation
Full disclosure, we want tell you that we do accept advertisements on the podcast, payments from them sometimes result in free goodies (mostly sex toys or liquor), but sometimes result in payments that help keep the soundboard lights on.

Funding this podcast doesn’t mean that we’ll in any way alter our opinions or stances on important, or totally not important, topics. We’re going to continue to be our normal selves, with our same opinions and inappropriate words.

In closing, we love this podcast. We love giving you this podcast. Being able to do this while juggling our other careers and family is tough stuff, and choosing to support us in any way- monetarily, emotionally, playing with our hair why we hiccup cry to you about life- helps us live our dream.

Bye bitches,

Brittany & Meredith
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Brittany better gather her Xanax, because when we reach 2k patrons, we're getting on a plane and taking this show on tour!
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