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About Girly Mags

Hop into our time machine and take a trip through the Girly Mags galaxy, where we revisit our awkward adolescences, pubescent pop culture and tunes you forgot about through the lens of teen magazines from the nineties and early aughts!

We scan back issues/ads/editorials of all of our original content on our Instagram account, host giveaways and release an hour(ish) bi-weekly podcast for your aural pleasure!

Our Patreon features two affordable tiers - if you love our content and want exclusive access, please consider supporting us!
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We'd love to create a Girly Mags magazine to release for free to our Patreon supporters. This would feature community contributions such as weird dating stories, photos from #teentuesday, a Girly Mags Hall of Shame, long-form articles, an Ask Dr. Dee advice column, fashion/photography, etc.

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