Gita Lloyd

is creating Fine Art: painting, sculpture & Arts book "Centered Drawing"

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Let's do Coffee!
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  • Receive your first pretty, 'welcome to collecting' numbered Art card and note... all this can be called provenance. From the French word, provenir, meaning “to come from,” it proves the history of ownership of a specific piece of Art and in this case it will begin our relationship. Collecting Fine Art is FUN!
  • I am a private artist and I prefer relationships that can grow through value protection, enjoyment and beauty. I keep my works a rarity for my patrons. This is not for everyone...
  • And yes, even cards/prints have value. IF the number printed is at 200 and below it remains in the Fine Art category. I am not a card maker...
  • I will never devalue whatever you receive from me! Let's grow this!
Time for a Sandwich?
per month
  • The welcome work from tier 1- framed... ready for display or gifting.
  • And so collecting begins in earnest. Try this small piece, framed for it's 'wedding day' and you will see that my works look good in surprising places. All works suddenly bloom in the right frame. Think of how you get dressed up for a date. A good frame makes Art look good and keeps it safe. There is a worry for older frames that may have acid papers or matts which can damage works but that is becoming less of a problem in newer products. 
  • You will receive further art prints/cards to add as provenance to your collection. How can I help you?
Out on the Town!
per month
  • Get an original painted miniature piece... Over the years I developed the “Love Series” for new collectors. These are Miniatures in gouache that have the expected dynamic poetry of larger works. Master artists wield powerful images after decades of developing their symbols, minds and bodies. The works are as exciting and beautiful as clouds. Which cloud is ugly? NONE at all, I say! This is what Contemporary Dionysian Art does. It exists and you can possess a Dionysian work for your very own!
  • You will receive further art prints/cards to add as provenance to your collection. Provenance can be attached or hidden on the backs of paintings for storage or filed with your valuable papers. The works do have value that grows. How can I be of service to you?




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A cup of coffee a month! A nice sandwich... That's all I ask. I would paint on stone but need better tools. Be my VanGogh's brother, be my President Kennedy. Support my future works and be the one who supports beauty in this world. And let's make this fun. I will send you some exclusive pretties, and start you on the road of collecting Fine Art. Fine Art has incredible potential to rise in value while it looks great in your home and I do care about beauty AND value! 
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