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Hi there!

If you can read this, it means you're probably not one of the 2.6 billion people on the planet who live in the mobile data coverage area but are still offline due to barriers like affordability. is the world's only platform that allows you to crowdfund Internet access in the developing world. When you donate to us, we equip high school students in need with access to the Internet, laptops, our favorite educational resources and constant assistance from our team. In return, we promise to tell you the story of each and every student, give you updates on their progress and the amazing changes that you bring about in their lives, deliver some of the best pictures or videos from our amazing photographers, and show you how exactly your money was spent.

Who are we?

We were founded by Educare Georgia, a nonprofit on a mission to provide free access to world-class education to anyone in Georgia. (a country in Europe, not the State!) By partnering with platforms like Khan Academy and, we've translated over 8 million words and 4 thousand videos into Georgian. But then we realized that the students who needed those resources the most did not have Internet access. So we decided to change that. Meet our team.

How far along are we?

We started out two years ago in refugee camps in Georgia. Thanks to monthly donations from over 800 individuals, today we've given Internet access and laptops to up to 400 high school students. 

What's next for

We are now incorporating a 501(c)3 nonprofit and are planning to expand Internet access to new countries in the Middle East and Africa. We hope you'll join us on our journey. 

$0 of $1,500 per month
When we reach $1500 per month, we'll start working on expanding to a new country in the Middle East or Africa.
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