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You are a super loyal GIVER and simply want to show that support by kicking in a buck a month.

  • While this amount might seem like pocket change to some, I'm super appreciative of you giving up your coffee fund for me to create more! Thank you!!
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You're a GIVER who can spare 5 bucks a month as you've recently given up [insert appropriate vice here].

  • This cash will help keep me on top of  bills (mainly my internet bill: uploading everything in 4K is not cheap!!) 

  • I'll put your name as a thank you at the end of the vlog (during the "Awwww, that's um! We're outta tiiiiiiiiiime!" bit).
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You're the kind of GIVER who will knock over a strangers beer but come back with a double Jack and Coke to say sorry: a completely generous soul!

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Hello the Patrons!

It's more than likely you have arrived here as a GIVER over at my YouTube channel GIVES A MINUTE, and for this I am already super thankful! You're the best!! 

So why have I created this GIVES A MINUTE Patreon page? 

Well, I love interacting with the ever growing community of viewers on my channel. A long time ago a viewer suggested I call you all THE GIVERS, I feel this is perfectly apt as we are all giving and contributing where we can:

  • You guys give your time and effort to watch my uploads.
  • I give you thoughtful, carefully created content from wherever I am on this planet. 

To do this requires a genuine commitment of energy and resources from me, the idea behind this Patreon is to offset some of those financial hurdles.

I believe everyone is their own individual and everyone has their own unique parameters of how they can contribute and I am totally respectful of this. For those who can afford to kick in a few bucks per month to help out, this Patreon will provide the best and most cost effective way to do so, for those who cannot, the YouTube comments section lives and breathes on (I endeavour to answer literally EVERYONE who posts a comment on my uploads!)

In any event, I will continue to create, our community of GIVERS will continue to grow and we will all continue to contribute to a greater positivity! 

Thank you to each and every one of you, however your contribute!

Benon (aka GIVES A MINUTE)
August 2017

"Awwww, that's um! We're outta tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!"
$35 of $270 per month
SteVAN costs about $90 to fill with fuel, if I could manage 3 fills a month I would be out on the road exploring and showcasing parts of Australia to the Givers, possibly via live streams (still looking into the idea of IRL from the road).

Diesel is not cheap here in Australia, but until I can afford a Tesla (and until Tesla manufacture a van that I can convert to a SteVAN counterpart) this is all I have :)

There's many parts of Australia that not everyone who can visit here will see, if we can get the fuel situation funded that will really help me getting to and from those places to share with you all.

The $270 target here is for the fuel alone. I worked it out based on 3 fills a month at $90 each. That's a very rough figure, but I recon it's pretty accurate at this stage.

Thanks :)
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