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About Glenn Thomas Davis

Hello! Here's praise for my earlier novel Erica’s Adventures In The Multiverse (Think A Wrinkle in Time meets Ender's Game. It's currently in the shop but if you bribe me with a pledge and say the word ERICA I will fix you up).

“Please write faster! I desperately want to know what happens next after you so teasingly tantalized me with a great beginning. Please? ;)”

“I am hooked! Love this so far!”

“Where's the donate button? I've spent way too much money recently on books not half as good as this one, and it isn't even finished!”

“I was up until midnight reading!"

Now I'm working on something more ADULT, something more, shall we say (say this like 70's James Woods) "tough." It's a little thing called Roko's Basilisk: A Non-Autobiographical Novel by Glenn Thomas Davis, known by some as My Man Moloch. Bribe me and I'll hit you up with that too. Give me more money and more money and I'll throw other trinkets your way. You liiiike trinkets. Nice trinkets!!!

Anyway, Under Construction. Leaving all the Erica Crap up until I make new Crap to replace it. Please pledge right now, because we need moneeeeey! Thanks!!