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Every penny counts! Even a tiny donation per month can add up to a greater amount that could help our movement along and help our job getting you the freshest glitch hop music out there so every dollar is appreciated. If you decide to support us with one dollar on a monthly basis that is already a lot of help you can become an active member of our worldwide Glitch Hop Community!
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Running the channel dealing with all the uploads, looking for new music daily, manage the label plus keeping our feed entertaining among other things we need to do to keep GHC afloat can be a huge load of work and in busy times like these we need something to get energized and get on with all the work. Caffeine can do the trick, and if you support us with these 2 dollars monthly then we can go grab a kick-ass espresso stay on top of our game and get back to the GHC HQ and get down to work not to mention knowing you got our back with 2 bucks every month shows us you appreciate the work we put in and that keeps us going.
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If you decide to pledge $3 every month, then we will hook you up with a neat 20-piece GHC sticker pack, so you can swag up your gear your room or just go around town decorating street signs trash cans or men’s rooms at bars with them! :))) We’re pretty sure the last option is illegal so if you get caught do not tell you got the idea from us!:)) Jokes aside, with this pledge you also get a 5% discount on GHC EP’s and compilations (singles are not included) and exclusive access to upcoming GHC releases days or weeks before the release date and all the previous rewards plus you can help spread the love for this amazing genre!




We are Glitch Hop Community, an online music community and we also run a record label, a music blog, a YouTube Channel and a clothing line. We dedicate all our free time to our crazy mission which is trying to reach more and more people worldwide and let them know about this one of kind and amazing genre of music!
We spend long hours every single day, trying to find the freshest and newest sounds to bring to you, looking for up-and-coming young talents and provide them with a platform to release their music and get exposure, having artwork and master recordings done, rendering tons of videos for our YouTube uploads, creating mixtapes, podcasts, networking with other labels who are also part of the glitch hop scene trying to help their cases too.
Getting some financial support here could help us big time! We’ve always appreciated all of you following us loving our movement and now here you get a chance to help the movement along by donating even just a little.
For your generous help we have some exclusive offers which you can check out here on our page.
Help us get this one of a kind genre get the recognition it deserves and let’s build something big together!
Nothing but love!

22% complete
If we manage to reach $500per month we would like to have a really unique collection of GHC gear created, with hand-drawn design printed on them made by a talented artist, an abstract crazy line, something you have never seen before, to have the vibes of the genre depicted somehow on these pieces of clothes on high quality material so you can rock the freshest gear nobody else has! Furthermore if we would also have more time to put out more free mixes and podcasts! What more… With more time we would probably come up with some other great stuff we don’t have the time to think of now… We would definitely want to shake and spice things up and come up with more projects taking care of young talents releasing more music making videos being more interactive and creating a one of kind connection with all you lovely people who like what we do over here!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts

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