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Since I was a kid, LEGOs where my childhood and inner tech building blocks. They taught me to question everything I see and maybe I can improve everything I lay my hands on.

They also gave me perspective to see any tech and machinery as blueprints and drove me to explore and find out what makes it tick.I want to present you with as many experiments, visions, reviews and knowledge as much as I can.

Join me and let's see what technology has to offer us. 
I humbly request your help in any way so I can pursue this full time. I will keep the tiers at a small and symbolic figure and later will upgrade them once we can get stuff rollin'.The master plan is towards you receiving as much value and gifts as possible !
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I can't thank you enough for helping me !

Love is in the air !
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Hardcore eh? Perfect and welcome! I will take ideas from you regarding new videos ! Also I will mention your name in the description of that video !

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Well, this is a symbolic goal but a very important milestone for me ! Everything here is going to be used to finance new ideas and videos. 
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