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About Global Changemakers

Global Changemakers has an unshakeable mission to support young leaders to create positive change in their communities. We do this by providing skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants. Since 2007, we have trained thousands of young people in over 180 countries and have provided grants to 363 youth-led projects which have impacted over 4 million people worldwide. We believe in the power of YOUth! 

Through your support, we hope to reach more young people around the world with support and resources that they do not get elsewhere due to their age, economic background, geographic location or otherwise.

By becoming our Patron, you contribute to our efforts and we cannot thank you enough.
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When we reach 100$, we will release another tool kit that changemakers around the world can download for free and use to support their initiatives to create positive change in their communities. We would like to create a Design Thinking tool kit to support changemakers in the design of their community projects.
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