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About Global Meteor Network

Global Meteor Network web page is here:

Space is fun [citation needed]. How about exploring secrets of the cosmos, but without NASA’s budget?

Average shooting stars, also known as meteors, are caused by pea-sized pieces of space rocks left behind by a comet. Observing those fragments as they ignite in Earth’s atmosphere can give us their orbits, which means you know from which part of the Solar System they came from. In cases of very bright meteors (aka fireballs), it is even possible to retrieve a fallen rock! How cool is that?!?

The goal of this project is to observe meteors, by a global network of cameras pointed at the night sky. Each camera is connected to a Raspberry Pi running open-source software for video capture and meteor detection.

In other words, with a meteor station on your house you’re exploring the Solar System’s formation and evolution!

What do we need the money for?
Our Global Meteor Network project has some operational costs: we're paying for the server, hosting, web page backups, and we are actively working on hardware development. Because we are still penniless students, we are reaching out to you this way so we can cover the costs and invest in development of new systems!

Also, our goal is to donate meteor cameras to schools. The cost of one meteor system is about $450 (400 EUR) and we wish to donate at least a few systems every year.

If you work for a school or an educational institution and would like to have a meteor camera, contact us and we'll see what we can do!
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Sustainability limit - this is where we break even with the operational project costs.
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