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is creating a Civil Service Certification to advance goodwill ambassadors.

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It costs about 50 cents per day to keep our founders, lifetime, regular, legacy members and volunteers up-to-date and well-informed with a website, social media network, monthly updates and a branded ambassador page managed by Globcal International. 

Once a member has tenure they should join here to continue to receive updates each month.

  • Monthly email update.

Associate Membership

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Work on active development projects and on teams with other ambassadors in official commissions and projects sponsored by the organization. Associates that work and pay their monthly fees each month will automatically become a lifetime member after 5 calendar years (60 months). 

Associate members cannot develop new projects or serve as commissioners, but after 90 days training and an assignment they get:

1) A personal website

2) A branded Facebook page or a Conversion 

    Lifetime Membership

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    Become a lifetime member with an appointment as a professional goodwill ambassador for $250 per month for 18 months. Members are recognized on our website, with their own website, an ambassador page and affiliation with a number of social media based development groups. 

    • Monthly progress review.

    About Globcal International

    Professional Ambassadorship

    Globcal International promotes concepts and ideas that lead to developing a healthy, safe and peaceful world through a fellowship of professional public figures such as authors, artists, entrepreneurs and business experts who together volunteer as goodwill ambassadors and public advocates for non-governmental international cooperation missions involving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in partnership with the United Nations; as well as to foster and promote other benevolent causes as non-state actors and global citizens independently in cities and states. 

    All ambassadors and advocates are trained in providing a democratic non-political world view from a public diplomacy perspective that provides for the protection and well-being of all peoples no matter their origin, way of life, culture, race, religion or gender. Our ambassadors and advocates recognize the individual sovereignty of marginalized fourth-world nations and likewise respect the official legal authority of nation-states that are members of the United Nations. All ambassadors follow the etiquette and protocol mandated or required by the standing diplomatic code.

    Currently our main focus is on the formation and introduction of new members who are advocates and ambassadors of causes in the social media that are capable of developing and engineering independently supported, publicly funded, quality projects that are sustainable in the long term. These projects will be considered as candidate projects for the organization and our ambassadors-at-large to support and endorse. 

    The cost to operate as an ambassador with a professional social media assistant is between $120-600 per month online including promotional material, copyrighting, and editing program development material to qualify for international promotion and garner legal protection. As a result many of our ambassadors are acknowledged on our website but may not be working directly with the organization's current programs.

    The cost to become an ambassador initially is $3,750-$5,000 including the development of an administrative file, letters patent, social media development and a personal website based on your cause based activity or passion. We offer an associate membership for those who sign on as directors of existing projects to become working members, this special membership costs $429 for the first year and then is $250 per year plus $13 a month in dues.

    Managing all of these terms has proven to be lots of work and very hard to keep track until Patreon.

    Most people after they decide they want to join are interested in putting part down in advance or making monthly payments, so we created some plans members can join with using Patreon, because of the new features they have added which make it compatible with our goals we are planning to make it the preferred method for joining in 2021.
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    For every $250 raised one child is given the opportunity to become a scout for a year.
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