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  • Presupported files for resin printers
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Please check Patreon Description for more info and images of current rewards


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If you want to commercially distribute prints of my sculpts found here or on thingiverse, this is a tier for you. Additionally you'll get all of the benefits of Core Member Tier. 
Please check out the Patreon Page description or write me a message for details. 



About GloomyKidMinis

  • I make miniatures for tabletop RPGs in sets of around seven minis per set
  • Preview for the files are in the page description and in header
  • Most files are presupported for resin printers and tested on Anycubic Photon
  • The files are distributed via MyMiniFactory shared groups
  • Alternatively you can download files via Sync Shared drive
  • All the links you may need as well as discount promo code for past releases are in the pinned post
  • Here are the links to InstagramFacebook and MyMiniFactory
Hey, I'm Roman and I really enjoy designing miniatures for fantasy tabletop RPGs such as D&D and Pathfinder in my spare time. 
You may find all of my free and paid sculpts in MyMiniFactory store here. I also use MyMiniFactory groups to distribute the files, so you dont have to download the files manually, everything will be added to your MMF library automatically.
Basically, everytime there is an update or new rewardsto download you will get an email with a link. Once you redeem the files via this link, the files are added to your library on MMF. That way you dont miss anything and dont have to download gygabytes of files every month. 
The links to Sync are still there, just in case.
Also I have an Instagram and Facebook group.

What can I expect as a Patron?
I'd like to make most out of my time and make my work more usefull to the community. Every month I release a set of thematically consistent minis suitable for a complete encounter. Check out the header for the preview of the current release. The link is active for a month and then everything moves to the store.
This month rewards:

 Besides that there is a Welcome Box with a set of minis for everyone who joins:

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to message me and I will answer as soon as possible.

Presupported files
To test print my minis I use Anycubic Photon SLA printer and manual supports. In the shared folder you can find presupported files for Monthly set that I used (welcome box sculpts are not presupported). Please note that this supports worked for my particular resin and printer and rare case you may want to modify the supports manually. And dont foret to shake your resin!

Can I sell prints of your minis?
Yes and there is special Merchant Tier for that. This Tier allows you to sell the prints of my sculpts that I release on Patreon as well as free and paid models from the store here You can sell the prints as long as you are signed up for that tier. This doesn't allow moulds to be made for mass production. I'd appreciate if you credit me as "GloomyKidMinis" on your website or link to my Patreon or MyMinifactory page.

I dont have a printer, can I buy the already printed minis?
Personally, I dont sell my own prints (yet), but you can talk to my Merchant Tier Patrons:
BackintheGameMinis, US, California
BrushFuStudios US, Florida
MetallicMonsters jewelry quality metal cast minis
Miniporium Australia
AltRealityTerrain Missouri, United States
Fidels Dream UK
Thank you for your support and feedback! It matters a lot for me and keeps me going =)
128 of 150 patrons
Thats enough people to start Discord server to talk and share ideas, plus I will up Store Discount for the Patrons to 30% so you can catch up on past releases! And another Big Bad Boss! This time The Dragon of Tyr.
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