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Welcome to My Patreon!

Hey there, I'm Glopossum (the one from FurAffinityTwitter)! I'm a full-time furry illustrator based out of Colorado, trying my hardest to make a living by drawing queer-inclusive erotic artwork! I've been an active member of the furry community for over a decade, and have been drawing for even longer. It would mean the world to me if I could continue to make a living doing what I love, while also giving something back to the community that shaped me into who I am today.

Why Support This Patreon?

While I have absolutely loved drawing commission work for over 8 years now, I've also developed my own stories, settings, and characters that I'm eager to flesh out! Patreon is the ideal platform for this because it provides a space for me to experiment with styles & techniques, and facilitate artistic growth that I couldn't otherwise gain from only doing commissions. 

In addition to developing my skills, Patreon will also lend me time to flesh out & produce physical media, such as pins, stickers, and even shirts! I've had a lot of fun ideas swimming around for far too long, and I'd love to be able to sell more than just commissions at conventions! 

What Can I Expect?

I've been running this page for a couple years now, and I've learned a lot about what does and doesn't work, both for myself and for my patrons. So, to give you a rundown on how I operate here: I charge monthly, and produce 2-3 pieces of timed exclusive content per month that are available to all patrons, whether that's a comic page, full illustration, product design, etc. About a month after they've been posted here, I post them publicly as well. Depending on which tier you choose, you can also gain access to rewards like incremental works in progress, high & full-resolution files, exclusive doodles, commission works in progress, and high resolution versions of commissions! Additionally, all patrons gain access to my Discord server, where I'll often distribute rewards and bounce ideas back and forth with my patrons. 

I've set a pretty comfortable pace for myself here, but I'm always looking to ramp up my focus on my personal projects! Each pledge means that I'm one step closer to making bigger and more complex illustrations, fully colored comics, Patreon-exclusive request streams, and whatever else I see fit to experiment with!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you'll decide to support me! ❤️

78% complete
Though I am well on my way to make working for my Patreon a full-time gig, this is about when I'd feel comfortable making that leap with confidence! I have so many ideas and stories that I'm excited to be able to give my full undivided attention to! 
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