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About Glutanimate

About me

Who are you? Hi there! My name is Aristotelis, but I'm mostly known by Glutanimate. I'm a medical student who loves to create educational software in his free time. Most of my projects surround Anki, a spaced repetition flashcard app that has become a staple in medical education and language-learning alike.

What do you do? Aside from contributing to Anki's development, I mostly work on helpful free add-ons that extend Anki with a lot of added functionality. As of June 2018 I have published more than 50 add-ons on AnkiWeb, receiving over 150,000 downloads in total. Some of the ones I'm most proud of include Image Occlusion EnhancedCloze Overlapper, and Review Heatmap.

I also have a YouTube channel, which started as an outlet for showcases of my Anki add-ons, but has since evolved into a general resource for Anki-related video guides and demonstrations. With my weekly video uploads I try to cover Anki's use from the unique perspective of a medical student / software developer.

About this Patreon

Why should I pledge?
Juggling all of these projects while also being a medical student and funding my studies by myself has been an incredibly challenging experience for me. Because of that I have had to heavily limit the time I can spend on my Anki projects. With your help I hope to be able change that.

How would you spend your extra time? I would provide you with awesome new Anki features, produce even more helpful video guides and perform important maintenance tasks like updating all of my add-ons to Anki 2.1.

Anki 2.1, what's that? Anki's latest release, Anki 2.1, has been under development for more than a year now. Its name might sound innocuous, but it's the most comprehensive update to Anki since Anki 2.0's release almost five years ago. Because of that it requires almost all add-ons to be updated in some significant fashion. For complex add-ons like Image Occlusion Enhanced or Cloze Overlapper that can mean several days or weeks worth of work.

Which awesome features would you add to Anki? I would start by implementing some of the most popular feature requests for my add-ons, and some of the cool new ideas I've been meaning to work on for a while now. Here is just a small selection of what I'd be able to cover:

  • Image Occlusion Enhanced
    • Advanced occlusion mode for pathways and sequences: This would use a similar logic to Cloze Overlapper, allowing you to convert images of sequential information into flashcards with overlapping hints (think: enzyme cascades, neural pathways, etc.)
    • Reverse occlusion mode: Instead of prompting you to name a structure, this mode would have you locate it on a blank image instead
  • Review Heatmap
    • More advanced streak handling: Right now the add-on will count any day you've spent reviewing your cards towards a streak, even if you've just reviewed one card. Wouldn't it be nice if the add-on considered whether you've actually reached your review goals for that day?
    • Performance improvements: Do you ever feel like the add-on could be a bit faster in rendering its heatmap? Well, with your support this is definitely in the realm of possibility!
  • Cloze Overlapper
    • Handling hierarchical lists: Ever found yourself needing to memorize a list with dozens of sub-lists? Well, this feature would automate that.
    • Handling tables: How cool would it be to have Cloze Overlapper parse a table and automatically cloze the cells for you?

Outside of working on existing add-ons I would also finally be able to follow through with a lot of ideas for brand-new Anki add-ons that I've had to put off due to time constraints.

How about your YouTube channel?  
On the YouTube side of things I would start pushing out videos much more frequently and provide you with even more helpful Anki knowledge! I could also finally cover some of the most frequent video requests, including:

  • My approach to transforming information into flashcards: How to deal with different types of information. How to phrase question prompts effectively. When and how to use extra information. How to include sources and link multiple different flashcards.
  • A tutorial series on organizing information in Anki: When to use tags, when to use decks. How to work with filtered decks, hierarchical tags, and more!


How can I help?  
By pledging your support to this Patreon you will allow me to dedicate a lot more time to my projects than I currently can. This, in turn, would make it possible for me to implement a lot of the awesome ideas above.

With your help I am confident that I can keep working on my projects, equipping thousands of students with time-saving studying aids for free!

What do I get in return? My eternal gratitude, but that's a given! You should primarily support me if you feel like the software and content I create is worth it to you. Though being a Patron also comes with a lot of perks, including:

  • your name in the credits of my videos and add-ons!
  • voting rights on which features I should work on next!
  • sneak-peeks into projects I'm working on and a look behind-the-scenes !
  • early access to exciting new add-ons!
  • personal support in case of issues with my add-ons!

Whether you decide to pledge your support or not, thank you for taking the time to read this post and good luck with your studies!

– Aristotelis
500 - reached! patrons
Updated docs!
The user manuals I've written for Image Occlusion Enhanced and Cloze Overlapper are in dire need of an update to account for the latest changes, and to make them more accessible. At this level of support I would be able to rework them, starting with some shiny new illustrations.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts

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