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About Glynn Stewart

I’m Glynn Stewart, writer of science fiction with the occasional foray into fantasy. The spacefaring futures my novels delve into are on the optimistic side. I love the genres that I write in, including space opera, military science fiction and science fantasy, and I think that meaningful science fiction can show us a universe that’s better than the world we have today… even though people will always create problems I can tell stories about!

Because of the support of my readers, I’m able to write full-time. I used to be an accountant, and started publishing a series of novellas in 2013, which later became the first Starship’s Mage book. Today, I live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada with my wife and our cats, and write 8+ books per year.

Here are the series I’m currently writing in:
Starship’s Mage: In a future where the aristocratic Magi control humanity’s access to the stars, an alliance of high-tech worlds seek to break free of their control. But Mage-kind will do anything to avoid being enslaved again, and a young Mage-Officer (along with the infamous right hand of the Mage-King of Mars) will fight to end the war and uncover the secrets that started it all.

Duchy of Terra: Blood, war and economics have bought humanity a hard-earned place in the upper echelons of the multi-species A!Tol Imperium.
As a former ally withdraws into isolation and a former enemy convulses in a long-overdue civil war, humanity and the A!Tol alike are offered a new chance to dig into secrets long-forgotten.
Secrets that, just maybe, should have stayed buried.

Peacekeepers of Sol: The war is over. Former allies find themselves without a common enemy. In this diplomacy-infused military science fiction series, the crew of a single ship try to hold a galaxy together.

Scattered Stars: Conviction: Betrayed to their enemies by the very government they fought a war for, the fighter pilots of the 303rd Nova Combat Group flee to the edge of civilized space. Can Major Kira Demirci (retired) keep them alive long enough for her squadron to make a new name for themselves?

My previous science fiction series include Castle Federation and Vigilante (co-written with Terry Mixon), along with the urban fantasy series ONSET and Changeling Blood.

There are three reasons why I am running this Patreon.

First, I wanted a way to reward my most loyal fans—you!—with early access to the books you love.

Second, this model allows me to keep more of the cover price (92% instead of 35-70%) and cuts down my reliance on Amazon. This means you are able to more directly support me instead of paying Amazon for delivering your book.

Third, there are currently incomparable benefits to the author for participating in Amazon’s exclusivity program. Books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited get extra promotional benefits, but can’t be published anywhere else. Because of this, my all of my ebooks are going to become exclusive to Amazon for the foreseeable future.

This Patreon is a way for you to get new release ebooks, even if you’re not an Amazon shopper. New releases will go to Patreon backers before they are released to the public and enrolled in the exclusivity program.

If you support at the $5 level, you get an electronic copy of each new release novel 1-2 weeks before it launches in stores. Each of these books will be delivered using Bookfunnel, which will let you download an ebook file in EPUB format (for most e-readers) or MOBI format (for Amazon Kindle readers). You won't be charged for anything shorter than a novel. New short stories and novellas will go out to backers for free.

I can't get the file onto my device! Help?
If you are having issues with loading the ebooks onto your preferred device, Bookfunnel will be there to help! Go to or email [email protected].

What's your publishing schedule?
I write a book about every 6-7 weeks. The most up-to-date publishing schedule is on the main page of my website (, but I’ll also make regular updates on Patreon so that you know which book is coming up and whether you’re interested in it. You won’t be charged for anything shorter than a novel. Short stories and novellas will go out to backers for free.

These are the upcoming novel releases:
  • Crusade (Exile Series): December 2019
  • Conviction (Scattered Stars: Conviction Series): January 2020
  • Mountain of Mars (Starship’s Mage Series): March 2020
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts

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