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Good Burger
$1,000 per month
At this level, I’ll be able to pay myself almost minimum wage for the time I spend working on the comic strip.

I will create at least four comics per month (bonus comics, review comics, etc.) — essentially, a three-strip-per-week update schedule.
Against All Odds
$2,000 per month
At this level, all my bills are covered (just barely)! I’ll be able to forego freelance projects entirely and work on Multiplex full-time (when I’m not working on grad school things).

I will create at least eight updates per month (bonus comics, review comics, etc.)! That's four strips per week!


I write and draw Multiplex. Also, I’m in grad school.


St Paul, MN, USA

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Hi, I’m Gordon. I make Multiplex.

The Patreon project eliminates Multiplex’s reliance on ad revenue to pay for the recurring costs of creating and publishing the strip. It’s sort of like PBS — or like Kickstarter, but instead of a specific book project, it’s for the ongoing production of the Multiplex webcomic.

Your support via Patreon will help pay for hosting, domain registrations, internet access, my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and other software… and, of course, help chip away at my living expenses, giving me more time to produce more Multiplex. The more we raise, the more stuff you will get!

Patrons at any of the reward levels will get Multiplex Movie Review comics and other bonus comics in the Activity Stream, as well as other fun stuff. Patrons will also get to read bonus material created for the Chapter 11–15 (Book Three) collections as they’re produced.

What kind of stuff will be in the Patrons-only Activity Stream?

While any support is appreciated, Patrons (at the $3 level and up) get exclusive access to…
  • Sneak peeks at early and in-progress strips, art, and other stuff!
  • Character doodles!
  • Multiplex Movie Review comics and other bonus strips!
  • Free eBook collections, such as the Chapter eBooks (which include bonus strips!) and exclusive pre-release editions of Chapter eBooks! All eBooks are in high resolution PDF format and contain commentary from me!
  • Invites to Google Hangouts with myself and others! [$10 level and up]
  • and MORE!

Let me know what you want to want to see in the Activity Stream!
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