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About GMD Online

About GM Draeus...

Hi GMD Online potential Members!
I am Martin Harper AKA GM Draeus and I have been running games for over 30 years. I have also owned my own game store and been a Graphic Designer as well as other professions in my time. 

Why Have I started a Patreon Campaign?
I have always wanted to be a games designer and have designed games in the past but lacked the technology to achieve those dreams, until now...
In 2006 I was diagnosed with Bi-polar and I lost my career as a professional. Since then I have struggled to stay at work due to my illness which can be pretty crippling at times.
But it is also a gift…
Because of it, I have been able to chase my dreams as a games designer and publisher and with your support I can continue to follow my dreams and bring to you even more content!
I have always wanted to provide a game system for free that is always updated so there are no more 2nd Editions. You just download the latest version. 
I have managed to write and publish the GMD CORE RPG, Countless Collectible Art Cards, Comics, and Guides, Campaign Settings and Adventures to support the CORE RPG.
Now, I have decided to share my dreams with my supporters.
I will share the content preview as it is being created, there will be polls for you to vote on via Discord, dedicated Discord Channels etc...

Because of my Supporters both here on Patreon and on our official website at, I have now decided to provide the CORE RPG to everyone for FREE by way of a navigational page network on our website! With your support, I will add more and more content to the free rules.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform for supporting creators such as myself. There is no commitment. In fact, I have set my Patreon so that everyone can get rewards regardless of the support you offer. Each month you unlock more and more rewards for as long as you are a member of my Patreon. Want to have a break you can do that and return to enjoy the rewards at a later date.
What’s even more exciting is by becoming a member is not just supporting my dreams but you are joining a community who all will benefit from your support.
I have created reachable goals that add even more products to everyone’s rewards each month! The rewards are community-based, which means the more members the more rewards I create!
Everyone benefits from you joining our community...

What you support means to me

Your support means that I will be able to continue to pursue my dreams and create amazing high-quality gaming products. Which you will be able to purchase ahead of time. I will also be able to provide these rules for free via my website. 

By supporting me at the higher tier you will gain an early preview of all new rules/adventures as I design them. So not only will I be able to continue to deliver a free RPG as well as PDF and printed products to be purchased from my store. I will be able to dedicate full time working on the products. 

If you would like to earn XP each month and obtain all my PDF/Printed products for FREE once you unlock them with XP. Then head over to

What am I creating?

  • Roleplaying Games
  • Roleplaying Game Accessories
  • Rules Guides
  • CORE Worlds (Campaign Settings)
  • Adventures & Campaigns
  • Character / Collector Art
  • Comics
  • Gaming Music
  • Board Games
  • War Games
  • Trading Card Games
  • Miniatures
  • Playtesting & Demo Games
  • Patreon ONLY Campaign Games
  • and much much more!

Check out the GMD Online website here:

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Once we as a community reach this milestone, I will make Monthly Updates to the CORE Expanded Rules Guide 
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