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GMD Adventurer
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As an Adventurer you will gain:

  • Early Access to Online Rules
  • Join Online Role Playing Comics
  • Access to Play Test Sign Ups
  • Access to Patreon Discord Channels
  • Access to Patreon only website Pages
  • Name added to all thank you pages / vids
Includes Discord rewards
GMD Champion
per month

As Champion you will gain:

ALL Previous Tier Awards Plus: 

  • Access to Champions Tier Discord Community.
  • Access to available PDFs for download and personal use.
  • Access to PDF and CBR files of Comics. 
  • Access to choose character to immortalise in miniature form by adding it to our GMD Miniatures Range. You get to choose it's name and description. I will work with you on a 1-1 Basis to ensure the design and pose meets your satisfaction and reference the design dedicated to you. 
  • Gain a Character Portrait to be Commissioned, supplied digitally and as a collector card which will be added to our GMD collector Card Range Standard Tarot Card Sized (2.75" x 4.75")
  • VTT Character Pack created for your commissioned character. Includes a 200 x 200 pixel profile picture and a token.
Includes Discord rewards
GMD Hērōs
per month

As a Hērōs you will gain:

All Previous Tier Awards Plus: 

  • Access to Hērōs Discord Community.
  • Access to GM Draeus’s Personal VTT Products Folder. All my online game maps, tokens and images I use, for you to use in your own games. This folder will be updated every time I create something for one of my games.
  • Own a House in the NWN2 online World.
  • Create a Member of the Starguard to appear in all the Starguard Comics
  • Gain a Character Portrait to be Commissioned every 3 months, supplied digitally and as a collector card which will be added to our GMD collector Card Range Standard Tarot Card Sized (2.75" x 4.75")
  • Early access to all Roleplaying comic signs ups.
  • A character designed as a miniature and added to the miniature range, also a free version of the miniature once a year.
  • Access to GMD Music Albums Downloads pages.
Includes Discord rewards



About GMD Online


I am GM Draeus and I am creating a variety of gaming products. I have over 30 years of gaming experience and have worked professionally as a graphics designer.

What does your support mean?

  • I have always wanted to follow my dream of being a Games Designer. I have reached a place in my life where I can pursue this. With your help, I will be able to afford the right tools for the job and become self-sufficient so that I may continue to pursue this passion.
  • I want to share my talents with you all for free and with your support, I will be able to create a variety of different gaming products for all gaming media needs.

Here is a list of projects I will be working on for you:

  • I will develop the CORE RPG providing them for free online with amazing high-quality artwork. I will continue to design and produce PDF versions of the rules and it's settings for an affordable price. (Free to certain Tiers of supporters)
  • Your support allows me to design and produce professional-looking books with beautifully created artwork. (Free to certain Tiers of support), I will also develop Video and Audio Rule Explanations.

  • Your support allows me to develop Campaign Settings, Dungeons, Lairs, Places of Interest and Adventures galore! For CORE RPG, Savage Worlds, and D&D 5th Edition and other open license games. All available for free online. PDF and Printed Books will be available (Free to certain Tiers)

  • You support allows for the continued development of posters and collectable cards.

  • Your support will allow the creation of high-quality Battle Maps.

  • Your support will allow the development of a variety of comic titles to take part in. Where you can create heroes and I will develop a comic based on your actions just like an RPG. Your support will help fund the printing and all comics you take part in will be supplied as a printed copy for free as well as PDF / CBR formats.

  • I will create atmospheric Gaming Music for use in your games and live streams for free.

  • I will continue the development of the War CORE wargaming rules which will also have a set of settings as these will be a set of universal rules for a variety of different genres. With your support, I will make these rules free on the website and develop PDFs and Printed Books, with a professional outlook.

  • I will develop beautifully crafted gaming Miniatures, (Free to certain Tiers of Support).

  • Your support allows me to spend time to Develop Video Tutorials.

  • I will broadcast Live Streams of the CORE RPG and other games.

  • With your support, I will be able to dedicate time to the production of high-quality artwork and beautifully sculpted playing pieces for a variety of tactical board games based on the GMD CORE RPG Settings.

  • I will convert all products into online extension packs for use with VTT Interfaces.

  • Have your characters and NPCs Immortalised as Commissioned Artwork for free!

  • Your support allows me to continue with the development of a collectable Card game which I will develop and hold a variety of competitions.

  • Your support will allow me to provide detailed Tokens and Figure Flats for free.
  • I will create weekly content freely available to download.

Most Importantly … I will engage with you as a community and be guided by you to what product ranges are created first.

So join me and become MY champions in my quest and help make a dream come true…
95% complete
GOAL: FREE Portrait Collectors Card
Once we as a community reach this milestone, I will provide everyone of all Tiers, with a free Character Portrait Commission and Collecters Card order form.
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