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If you enjoy our content and can send a couple of bucks our way to help us continue, this is the perfect tier.

With this tier you get:
  • An A4 map to use in your adventures
  • Access to some of the Patreon-Exclusive videos and podcasts we produce
  • Our unending gratitude
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You become one of our Foreseers. 

At this level you get an A3 map to use in your campaign as you see fit (personal use only).

You get to see all our videos before anyone else as soon as they are uploaded and before they are published to the general public.

Also you gain access to any exclusive content we create just for our patrons like videos, podcasts and articles.

  • A3 map to use in your adventures.
  • Get to see all the videos we upload to our YouTube channel before anyone else.
  • Access to exclusive content.
  • Our unending gratitude, but more than previous tiers.
Horror Overseer
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You become one of our Horror Overseers and every month you get a location and three characters that you can use in your cosmic horror games.

  • A location with its map and three NPCs to use in your Cthulhu game
  • Access to all our videos before they are published to the general public.
  • Access to exclusive content.
  • Our unending gratitude and even more than previous tiers.




I have had a passion for roleplaying games since I discovered D&D and Dragonlance in the late 80s. Since then I have played, written and directed games. I have also published several books in Spanish and I am a trained graphic artist and art director with many years of experience.

In 2010 I started G*M*S Magazine to publish some musings about board and roleplaying games. It was not long until me and my partner fell in love with producing content and since then we have produced more than 300 podcast episodes and 400 videos with board game unboxings, reviews, RPGs reviews and opinion pieces. And counting.

Over the years, we have invested very heavily in cameras, real-time edition equipment and even getting our own studio so we can produce even more content. Currently, we spend more than 80 hours a month producing the content. And we want to do even more.

Get Patreon-exclusive content to help you publish your game

If you have ever thought of publishing your own game, we are going to produce videos and podcasts specifically for you.

Every week I will produce videos around the topic of publishing your own game. From how to write, organise the book, choosing artists, playtesting, funding… and we could even get together to have a chat about it!

Every month there will be a conference call among the backers at the correct tier to discuss your projects and get some advice.

Get maps for your adventures

Every month I will produce two maps, one for a fantasy setting and one for a Cthulhu setting. Depending on your Patron level, you will get one or the other. Or both.  You also get access to all the exclusive content I will be writing. Locations, monsters, adventure hooks…

If you enjoy our content, you can get access to even more produced material us for less than you spend in a coup of coffee.

If you enjoy our content, you can get access to even more produced material us for less than you spend in a coup of coffee.

For just 2$ a month you get an A4 fantasy map to use in your adventures and our unending gratitude.

For 3$ a month
the map grows to A3 size and you get access to video content as soon as we upload and before release to the general public. That way you keep ahead of the rest!

For 5$ a month
the A3 map is completed with some encounters and adventure hooks so you can play it by itself or add it to your own adventure, OR,

For 5$ a month
you get content for your Cthulhu game. A location with its map and some NPCs to populate them too. And some adventure hooks while we’re at it!

For 10$ a month
you get everything we produce, the fantasy map with the plot hooks and mini-adventure, the Cthulhu map with all the content and the advance videos. You also get access to exclusive content created just for this Patreon.

Vote For Your Favourite Content

Every month you can vote for your favourites in a poll. I'll pick the highest-ranking idea and design the map and adventure around it.

In the monthly polls, the maps are divided into Fantasy and Cthulhu maps. These are broad categories, though, so expect the unexpected!

You also get to vote on the topic of the videos I’ll be launching so the content is exactly what YOU want.

Do you want to support my work?

Get on board and become a crew member of GMS Magazine! You get to let me know what you want to see right away and I can get to work on it immediately!


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When we get 100 patrons, we will start creating transcripts of all the videos we upload.
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