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Hi everyone, I am a self-employed computer enthusiast. I have been working with computers since the early '90s when I was a young boy, spending much of my time messing around in various languages. Since then I have grown up and I am an adult now with my own children. I have been lucky enough to have been presented with the opportunity to continue in my passion working full time in server management, software development and electronics.

Because of this lifetime exposure (obsession?) to technology I have a very broad understanding of how things work across many aspects of the industry. I also like to fix problems, and when I see that I can make something to help I pitch in where I can.

As I am self-employed I am able to release most of what I invent and write to the community as open source, but by doing so I don't get paid. I have created this patreon in the hopes that people like what I do and would be interested in financially supporting me and what I am working on.

Some examples of things I gave to the community are:

  • Kodi (formally XBMC) where I was the lead design and developer of the AudioEngine project, consisting of the single biggest ever code merge for the project of over 20,000 lines of C++.
  • mod_rpaf - An open source Apache module I took over from it's original developer that is used by tens of thousands of web servers across the world
  • stm32flash - An open source tool to allow flashing of the STM32 Micro controllers by ST Electronics. This tool has become the defacto standard for anyone programming the entire STM series of devices.
  • AMD NPT Fix - More recently I dug into the KVM problem with nested page tables (NPT) on AMD CPUs, an issue that had been plaguing the AMD platform since 2008. After several days of debugging and learning how AMD Secure Virtual Machine (SVM) works at it's core I was able to isolate and fix the problem.
  • AMD Vega and Navi Reset fix - This is a work in progress, I have been working along with engineers at AMD to come up with a method to reset these GPUs for use in PCI Passthrough systems (VFIO). Kernel patches coming soon!

The current project I am working on is Looking Glass, a project that enables a KVM Guest that uses VGA PCI Passthrough to be integrated into the host desktop environment without the need for an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, making this the first time in history that high performance graphically demanding windows applications can be used from a Linux workstation without sacrificing performance or compatibility.

In all I have given tens of thousands of hours of my time to open source development, debugging and support, and would love to continue to do so. I will try to post here projects I am working on, interesting things, technologies, etc.

Who knows, if people like this enough I may even get a decent camera and film some of the stuff I do.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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