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Milestone Goals
The Indie Worker!
$250 per month
Yay! This will help me get access to most of the nutrients I need in order to keep on covering all those indie games we all love. Also, more interviews, more reviews, more freeware stuff, more posts, more articles!
The Indie Revival!
$300 per month
Yay again! Hitting $300 a month will allow me to fully revive (and revamp) Gnome's Lair and properly expand Retro Treasures to cover new homebrew games for vintage gaming machines.
The Indie Crafting!
$400 per month
And thrice yay! The Indie Tools series on, uhm, tools for developers is back and it'll be better than ever. Also, in-depth game making tutorials, the source code of my freeware games and a brand new site letting you see where indie devs work.
The Indie Mega Pack!
$600 per month
Getting serious... Should this goal be reached, I pledge to start writing for at least two more sites, start a series on the making-of some of the best games, create a new indie gaming source of news on facebook, twitter, tumblr, GooglePlus AND write more on classic, retro games.
Bring Forth The Games!
$800 per month
Besides writing even more and more varied words on gaming, $800 will allow me to create a freeware game every 4 months and share it and its source code with you! And buy an OUYA to cover its games too.
Indie Sci-Fi Scenario!
$1,300 per month
That's a salary, that is, and it would allow me to visit conventions and developers around the world in order to bring you all the indie news ever! Or, well, EVAH! Also more of the above; much more of the above along with a few extras such as podcasts and videos.


Loves studying cities, dissecting digital entertainments, discovering new indies, crafting things, creating worlds and making words happen.


Αθήνα, Ελλάδα

Konstantinos Dimopoulos (Gnome) is Supporting

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Hello, I'm Konstantinos (chances are you know me as Gnome)!

I have been pretty busy discovering indie games and making words about them happen for the better part of the last ten years. Ever since the first days of January 2006, back when I started gnomeslair.com (one of the first indie focused blogs, if I may say so), I have discovered, played, written about and reviewed hundreds upon hundreds of indie games.

From freeware platformers and retro remakes to commercial adventure games and wildly innovative bits of oddness, I've loved all sorts of games and have done my best to cover them on a variety of sites and publications including Rock Paper ShotgunIndieGames.comWarp DoorAdventure LanternRetro TreasuresGamasutra and Gnome's Lair.

Oh, and I have also worked on a few games myself (Droidscape: BasilicaDroidarcadeWorkers in Progress and the forthcoming freeware adventure Earthling Priorities), while curating the strictly indie and DRM-free Bundle In A Box gaming bundle. Yes, the very same bundle that ran the Indie Dev Grant and helped such games as Maia, Under The Ocean and Courier of the Crypts.

Oh^2, I'm also curating the free section of IndieGameStand and am hoping to create many more games including quite a few freeware ones.

And did I mention I have also met and interviewed some amazing and creative people too? Well, I have and would love to interview many more.

So, would you like to have me do more?


I do have some grand plans, you see, that start from writing for a couple more sites (just like I did with the Freeware Garden for Rock Paper Shotgun!), setting up and running places like Impish Words, Spirited Games and go all the way to providing you with game making tutorials and indie making-of articles.

What's more, I'm also working on a unique and rather big twitter/facebook/tumblr project that will focus on promoting indies and their work processes, more interviews, the revival of the Indie Tools column on IndieGames.com, a little something that will show you developers in their natural habitat (and/or workplace) and the expansion of Retro Treasures into homebrew/vintage-hardware-indie-gaming territory. 

Also, I do want to keep creating freeware indie games (and releasing their source code -- as I did with Workers In Progress) and, of course, to keep looking for brilliant games most people simply miss. 

It goes without saying that I also aim to keep on doing what I've been doing all those years: words about the best, weirdest, most beautiful, thought-provoking and/or just plain fun digital toys there are!

What am I currently doing [a constantly updated list]?

Hours upon hours every month are put into the following:

-- Searching and posting freeware and commercial indie games on Warp Door.

-- Writing interview, reviews and news for IndieGames.com.

-- Posting news, articles, features and more on Gnome's Lair

-- Working on freeware adventure game Earthling Priorities

-- Curating freeware games for IndieGameStand.

-- Running the Retro Treasures gaming and collecting blog.

-- Maintaining and constantly updating two dedicated facebook pages: Impish Words, Spirited Games and The ZX Spectrum Hub.

-- Tweeting on twitter

-- Helping test other people's games. Supporting more than a few indie devs and creative people in a variety of ways.

-- A few other things.

How can you help?

Ah, glad you asked! Do you feel like I should be able to feed myself? Is my work worth a cup of coffee every 30 days? Think you'd enjoy buying me a beer once a month? Well, that's all I ask: your support to allow me to fully focus on indie games while surviving. The chance to really do the best work possible for you, gamers and creators. A small donation of $3-$4 a month that will help sustain my work and, hopefully, bring exposure to dozens of ignored games and their authors!

Should you be willing to pledge a bit more, well, thank you so much! That'd be wonderful and extremely helpful and I'll try to reward you to the best of my abilities!

Oh, and letting people know about this very campaign would be super nice too!

(Do please keep in mind, that you can at any time cancel your pledge.)

Gnome-endorsing Quotes:

"I think few people have done so much for indie games - and an amazing variety of indie games at that, from huge hits to unknown gems - while taking so little credit for their work. Loads of enthusiasm and humour, very little ego."
- Jonas Kyratzes (The Sea Will Claim EverythingAlphaland)

"Gnome was literally the first person to ever write about my stuff, talking about the flash games I was making at university a decade ago. He does excellent work uncovering devs and games, often long before mainstream games press gets a whiff of them. A valuable and cool chap.
- Mike Bithell (Thomas Was AloneVolume)   

"Besides being one of the nicest dwellers of the Internet, Konstantinos is a restless supporter of indie games. His popular site Gnome’s Lair is a haven for curious and remarkable titles that otherwise would've been destined to obscurity. The indie community is in debt with him."
Agustín Cordes (ScratchesAsylum)

"Calm, pleasant and wise, Gnome has been curating indie games for as long as I've known they existed. He has an amazing eye for point & click adventures, something I've frequently been jealous of. More importantly, Gnome isn't an armchair journalist. He has helped organized funding for important matters, assisted indie developers from a hands-on perspective, and worked tirelessly even when the money just wasn't there. He's a wonderful soul who deserves your Starbucks money, damn it."
- Cassandra Khaw (one of the best games journalist I've ever known)

"I'd donate to this just to get Gnome to remove his pixelized monocle, and help him achieve a career in modeling. It helps he's done great things for indies since the days of indygamer.blogspot.com which predates the modern indie uprising and which was the precursor to the prolific indiegames.com site run by Tim W. Help him so he can continue to help as many indies as possible."
- John G. Polson (former editor-in-chief at Indiegames.comIndieFund)

"Konstantinos has a tremendous respect and passion for indie games. At the risk of sounding cliche, he really lives and breathes the indie game scene and thrives in discovering new, interesting, and often obscure gems. Add to that a deep love of the adventure genre, a humble and kind personality and a witty writing style and you have a unique, individual voice that should always be here, encouraging us to discover something different."
-Maria Sifnioti (The Clockwork ManClockwork Brain)

A final note:

Thanks a ton for reading this, and thanks for all the support during the past 10 years. Should you want to ask me about anything or suggest something, please do find me @gnomeslair on Twitter or e-mail me at [email protected] /* */
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