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You are awesome, sincerely we want to give you an incredible thank you right here and now! But we're also going to say thank you on our Patreon supporters page that will live on Gnome Stew.
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We're going to tell EVERYBODY how awesome you are by giving your account on a Patreon badge that will show up on all of your comments.

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- Your Name In The Stewpot

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Your Gnome Stew account won't just have a Patreon supporter badge, which is cool and all, but you'll get a subtitle to attach to your account name. Sure you can be Ann-a-conda, but wouldn't you rather be Ann-a-conda, Destroyer of Worlds and Eater of Kobolds?

Oooh, and we'll thank you on our social media! Come on Ann-a-conda, you know you want a cool title that we shout out to the masses, who are now clearly beneath you.

You know what, we want your money, so we'll also reach out to supporters at this level and let you put a topic or question in the "Dear Gnomey" list that one gnome will write a response to in the style of Dear Abbey. You can even choose if you want a serious answer, or a not at all serious answer.

Also includes:

- Your Name In The Stewpot
- Patreon Badge!




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