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About Jess Go


Thanks for checking out my Patreon. My name’s Jess. I get told I do too much, but I’d really like to do more.


I accidentally stumbled across Critical Role the very first day it aired and it was love at first laugh. Since then I have gained so much love and support, friendship and knowledge from the community. I co-hosted a podcast called Critical Reroll (check it out) and modded for the Critical Role Twitch channel. I have moved from mostly playing D&D to mostly playing a lot of other ttrpgs, particularly championing GMless and low prep indie ttrpgs.


I have a Twitch page with regular variety game streams and an increasing number of ttrpg streams. I love showing off interesting indie games and systems that highlight the fun of playing games and building stories together. I do my best to make games possible even when someone has a difficult schedule. I've tried to build a welcoming community for anyone that is interested in and wants to play games.
With the support of my Patreon backers I've been able to commit the time to making several games already.
Check out a few of them over on my itchio page!


I love playing games, streaming, encouraging others, and building community. I want to continue doing what I have been but also add some new streams that people can join in on. Is there a system/game you want to play? Let me know, I'll probably try to facilitate it for you.
I want to make more games and try building different styles and systems of game. 
I also want to try to support the community in a sustainable way and set a precedent of compensating people for their time and efforts. I'm constantly working behind the scenes to expand and build all we can do in the community and with the channel.

This is where you come in. Your support will help me with all this and more. <3
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I can afford all previous things as well as to purchase more indie games for the channel.
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