is creating a podcast, and shoving a crowbar between state and church

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About GodArchy

"Love your neighbor as yourself."

Jesus called this the second great commandment. But how do we love our neighbors and simultaneously use violence, force and coercion to bend them to our will?

In short, we don't. 

Loving our neighbors means seeking a peaceful society based on voluntary associations. This meshes perfectly with the foundational libertarian tenet known as the non-aggression principle. 

GodArchy is the place where Christianity intersects with libertarian anarchism/voluntaryism.

The Kingdom of God isn't some utopian dream for the future. It is now! Jesus established his Kingdom when he died and then rose from the dead. 

The Prince of Peace calls us to a radical way of life that is diametrically opposed to the actions of the state. The GodArchy Podcasts explores these ideas in both a theoretical and practical sense. My hope is that it challenges the church to love its neighbors more fully, reject war, seek peace and move closer to a voluntary society. 

How You Can Help

I want GodArchy to be more than just talk. I want to take human action to make the world a better place in the name of Christ. By supporting the GodArchy podcast, you can partner with me in this endeavor. For a minimum contribution of $5 per month, you will have access to bonus content and you can join the GodArchy Facebook group for supporters of the show. Even better, 40 percent of the contributions each month will be donated to a charitable organization or an individual in need. Supporters in the Facebook group will help me decide where to donate the funds each month.

Ten percent of contributions will go to my network, little L Productions. The other 50 percent will help support me so I can continue my work. 

As an added bonus, supporters who give for 6 months or more will get a free copy of the as yet untitled GodArchy book I'm working on. I hope to publish it around Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to our partnership!


Mike Maharrey

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