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Hallo and welcome to my Patreon!

Art Reward T&C ||||   FAQ


$10 Tier: Monthly Telegram Sticker
Meant to be compatible with the Telegram App, these stickers are 512px x 512px. Single character, but YCHs are permitted!

$20+ Tiers [except $30]: Monthly Chibi
Single character only, may be simplified to fit the style!
Props / YCHs are permitted!

$50 Tier [except $30]: Monthly Character Sketch
Single character, may have clean or rough lines! YCHs are permitted.
$100 Tier can request a background and one additional OC.


To make things a bit more fun, I have monthly Goal Bonuses! Filling these tiers unlocks extra rewards for reward tiers, such as adoptables, bases, and stickers! 

Goals MUST be filled when the month changes to be considered unlocked for that month!



Be aware! To ensure I get rewards done in a timely manner, the redemption period is between the 1rst and 20th each month!

Any requests sent in the 21rst onward will be counted towards the next month.

Please be aware that all art rewards must abide by my reward T&C.

Any questions, concerns, please don't hesitate to DM me on Telegram @ godbirdart or email me directly at [email protected]

Thank you!
97% complete
- monthly adoptable batches, claimable by Patrons!
* these adoptables will be claimable by any $10+ tier Patron [one adoptable per patron per monthly batch] for no additional charge to the patron. these will be first-come first-serve. unclaimed adoptables will be sold publicly after the month rollover. batches will have up to three designs.
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