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Tier I: Adventurer

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Cool! You're part of the secret inner group of the community: the Patrons. If you're on Discord, you will now be able to view the secret community!

On top of that, you...

  • can see what we're working on behind the scenes;
  • can tell us what you like and dislike;
  • are able to give us direct feedback - before others even see it;
  • get an in-game Patreon name;

Tier II: Warrior

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Now we're talking: you're one of us! Well, you already were, but now you're one of the Ones of Us. Or something. But listen, this one is cool:

You're able to watch us build Curse of Aros. No, not by looking at the screenshots we send in the secret Patreon Discord channel, no, but by actually watching us develop the game

About once per week, we'll have a stream for the patrons of this tier and show you what is in the works. This will mostly be artwork, but very rarely may include development.

(And of course you also get everything from the 10$ tier!)

Tier III: The Cursed

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This tier exists for those who believe in Curse of Aros. For them who see potential beyond a small app and want it to grow into a great game packed with content.

Making a game is expensive and a lot of work. The more we can focus on and invest in Curse of Aros, the faster we can build this into the game it deserves to be. 

Once you become The Cursed, you'll stand out in your unique way:
 - Blue name in-game;
 - All rewards from the previous tier;



About Bitgate

Hi there! Thank you for visiting the Curse of Aros Patreon page!

Chances are you're here because you already play Curse of Aros and want to see it grow faster and even further. Or, perhaps you're after one of the perks (which is totally understandable!) Whatever the reason may be, your support is very much appreciated and lets me make the game you enjoy playing.

Curse of Aros is a magical blend of 2D visuals inspired by Zelda, passive activities with a hint of Stardew Valley and easy-to-understand action-packed content presented in a way you haven't seen before. Playable on mobile devices, but soon on your computer (and if things go well, on your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation!)

What's so unique?
  • Real-time cross-platform multiplayer - help your buddy on his Macbook Pro defeat a boss from your Android phone;
  • An immersive world - discover dungeons, myths, puzzles, treasure, dangers, and mythical places with weird races;
  • Freedom of movement - on phones, a thumbstick lets you walk every pixel in the game in a smooth and enjoyable fashion;
  • Intense battles - fight boss monsters that don't just require damage numbers, but take skill and a cohesive team of smart fighters;
  • Peaceful activities - take a step back from the intensity and look after your plants, redecorate your home, build a clan castle, craft various items, or practice a profession;
  • Your voice is heard - in every aspect, you come first. Have an idea? Let's hear it. Think something is a bad idea? Share your thoughts. They matter!
  • Non-pay-to-win - your credit card is powerless here. You don't level with dollars. You don't get rich with those gift cards. All you can ever obtain with money is fashionable swag: colours, titles, outfits without bonuses, and other fair advantages.
Curse of Aros is set to be a game worth thousands of hours of fun. Not to be a blockbuster, and not to be a money grab scheme.

Thank you for reading - please consider helping Curse of Aros grow into an awesome game!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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