Godless in Dixie is creating a blog, videos, and a book

$1 /mo
For a buck a month you'll get an AUTOMATED REPLY thanking you for your donation, typed by my very own fingers.


$5 /mo
I'll send you a picture of our dog, Izzy, who I'm suspicious is an atheist.


$10 /mo
For $10 a month I'll neglect to pray to a deity of your choosing.


$25 /mo
I'll send you a signed "limited edition" copy of the book I wrote when I was a Christian. It makes for superb kindling.


$50 /mo
You'll get a personalized video thanking you for your donation, plus a signed copy of the new book I write as soon as it's done.


$100 /mo
For a hundred bucks a month I'm liable to give you a sloppy wet kiss.  But let's start with a cup of coffee and see where it leads.