is creating completely free filesharing platform that respects users privacy

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For the price of a coffee a month, you can help me develop Gofile and keep the service online.
Thank you very much for your help.
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A huge boost to help Gofile move forward to new features and a better infrastructure.
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The best help you can provide.
I can immediately deploy a new download server that will be named as you wish! (example : pacman.gofile.io)
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What is Gofile ?
Gofile is a free file sharing platform that respect users privacy. There is no limit, everything is free and without ads.

Why did I want to create Gofile?

It all started from a sad observation. There is no file-sharing solution that is completely free and that respects users privacy. There are either paid features or lots of ads.
So I decided to create my own solution.
Gofile was born.

Operating Costs
The infrastructure costs for Gofile is very high.
I have to pay dozens of servers, dozens of terabytes of data, a bandwidth capacity of several dozen GBPS. I pay these costs on my own, which is why I need all the help from the community to make this infrastructure more stable and powerful.

Patreon Tiers
By nature Gofile is freely and completely accessible to everyone. This is why I cannot limit access to certain features to my patrons.
However, in order to thank the generous donators, I can offer direct communication with me so that you can suggest new things to implement. I can also deploy new servers that will be named from your nickname :).
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