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About Goflowyoga

Szonja from GoflowYoga uploading yoga classes to YouTube and she loves teaching and interacting with her students around the world. Her goal is to create multiple new and fresh classes per week and with your help, we can all make that possible. To be able to share her passion for yoga through teaching has been one of her life’s greatest gifts. It inspires change and growth in her life daily.
"Yoga allows me to meet a vast and diverse group of people all connected by one great love for yoga & movement." Her flow classes demonstrate her devotion for the practice. A blend of fun, invigorating flow and insightful instruction with conscious movement.
Your small contribution will help supplement the time required for each yoga class to be prepped & planned, filmed, edited, color corrected and uploaded. Contributions will also be used to help maintain & upgrade cameras, lenses, lighting, wireless mics, etc as needed in order to continue to provide you with  quality free online yoga classes.