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A new (and experimental!) name for this tier. This tier is for people who would like to support me at a higher level and in return be invited a little further in to my creative life on the side of my hill here in Wales.

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Recent vlog posts have included:

  • A video diary of my week-long pyjama wearing experiment, Pyjama Week.
  • A video diary of a week spent offline.
  • A video diary exploring my morning chicken feeding routine and how it influences the rest of my day.
  • Various gentle cooking experiments.
  • A slow walk exploring my wider hillside.



About Michael Nobbs

Hello, I’m Michael Nobbs.

You might know me from my long-running podcast, One Thing Todaymy books or perhaps as one of the teachers at Sketchbook Skool.

If you don’t know me, briefly I’m an artist, podcaster and tea-drinker (not necessarily in that order!) who lives on the side of a hill in west Wales.

Back at the end of the 1990s, I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, a chronic illness that severely limits how much I can do each day. Over the years I’ve learnt a lot about living the best life I possibly can by accepting what I can’t change and working with what I can. I have built a successful creative career and am constantly learning how to combine that with a gentle and fulfilling life. Over the last twelve months, I've come to the realisation that I need to make some quite major changes in how I do both.

Starting to produce a weekly video podcast and asking for your support here on Patreon, are the cornerstones of how I'm going about making those changes.

In supporting me you’ll be helping me to create the space I need to explore how to live a gentle, sustainable, creative life within my changing physical limits. In return, I hope that I can help you to build your own gentle, creative life.

Website: Go Gently.
72 of 100 patrons
This is a major goal and is the milestone that will tell me this experiment has worked.
Reaching this goal means that I will be able to continue to make and develop the Go Gently podcast and this Patreon page. I'm excited to see where this journey takes us.
Thank you <3

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