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With curiosity in mind, you trusted your instinct to try things first before fnally stepping into the world of adventure.

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With the ability to venture without fear, you dared pursuing the unknown future.

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Supreme Being
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You are someone who holds the mightiest role. Whatever you say, none shall defy. Everyone shall kneel before you.

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- Add a character of your choice as your champion to join the world

(P.S. You don't have to choose this tier for a beginner of an artist like me. But, still, I'd greatly appreciate such very big support)




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About Granchet

Granchet is in the house! But Granchet doesn't know what to do exactly at this point. A compelling support is greatly needed. Hope you can assist to find meaning in Granchet's life.
Granchet just wants to share humors. No matter what it is. Whether you like it or not. But Granchet deeply prays you prefer the former. A joyful heart is good medicine anyway.
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If it's possible, I would like to hire assistants to help me do better artwork and faster release.
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