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For those of you who like what I'm doing, find my stuff uplifting, funny or hey, just want to say thanks, this is the tier for you! A nice little representation of your support for me that doesn't break the bank! A win-win in my book :D Any supporter at this level and above will be forever recognized on my Wall of Wonderful Support, a brand new page on!
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Those of you who want a little more for you buck, this tier gives you access to my monthly live-stream where I'll play some games, answer your questions and we'll just hang and have an awesome time! You will also get recognized on the Wall of Wonderful Support! 



About The Goin' Up Cast Podcast

Hello and welcome to The Goin' Up Cast! A weekly feel-good podcast with music, personal stories, adventures in food and travel, discussions on pop culture and audiobook adventures taking us all over the literary world in a new style totally unique to The Goin' Up Cast. 

Cultivated by host Andrew Logan who writes, explores, investigates, informs and entertains listeners every week through his off-the-cuff antics and ability to wander all over a train of thought, this podcast will serve as a go-to source of joy for any reason or occasion. 

The funds generated by this Patreon will directly fund the podcast, paying for hosting fees and new equipment as well as funding new creative projects to create a more immersive experience for everyone to spread the message of happiness and laughter we here at The Goin' Up Cast strive to cultivate every day.

Patreon supporters can benefit from several unique rewards and experiences only found here! Gain access to the private monthly live-streams where host Andrew Logan will play games and talk about whatever with the chat!  Want to hear Andrew read something just for you? There's a tier for that as well! Explore, and see what tier works best for you! 

"This whole project, the podcast, the Patreon, and the audiobooks, represent my latest creative pursuit and it is the one I am the proudest of.  It contains the most heart, the most polish, and the purest message out of anything I've done to this day.  All I want to do is make people happy, and hopefully, with your help, we can all make this world just a little brighter." ~Andrew Logan    
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A "Goin' Up Cast" cover album! I would love to record a full album of some of the songs I've covered on the podcast! The money here would go toward studio fees and potentially getting some buddies to help me out and make a fun production out of it! Naturally, I'll still make music my way for the show, but perhaps something higher quaility can also be made!  
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