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About Going Yard Podcast

Hi Everyone,
We had an idea about two months ago to start a podcast about sports, but after talking it over we decided to focus mainly on baseball. With both of us growing up and loving the game so much we figured that this could be where we could share our thoughts and ideas on a game we love so much and know so well. We started out with no real idea of even how to get a podcast off the ground and running so we had to do a bunch of research on it. We got together two or three nights a week ever since to work on this. We bought some equipment and got it working but we didn't feel like it was good enough quality to go forward with it. So with more research, watching youtube vidoes, and all we found something that is working well for what we are doing. We had a good idea of the social media side of things and have spent a lot of time focusing on getting all of the platforms set up (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). Our list of followers is growing by the day and so are our downloads. We will be uploading episdoes every week with our thoughts and ideas of the game, coaches interviews, player interviews, and product interviews.
This is a true grassroots effort to get this off the ground and we would love to have all of the support we could as we learn and grow our podcast!
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We would like to upgrade our computer system to try and make it better to upload content to our podbean page. We would also like to raise some funds so we could continue to grow our social media brand and get our content on more pages. We would also like to hopefully spend some money to bring some video of our podcast to the internet. Any help would be really appreciated and go a long way in helping us reach our goals.
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