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• A very big THANK YOU for being committed to my work. I wouldn't be here without your supports.
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• Access to 2-5 character full-color artworks.
Thank you!

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About GO.IT Studio

“This is another world that you might be interested in. The world of inventors who love to create many many things. Most of them wish to become the best inventor in the world, but there are some who wish to play god, to create living beings, which goes against the law of nature.”

“The gathering place of the top inventors. Welcome to Street Craft”

I'm a freelance artist can comics,drawing&painting with digital.Currently, the majority of my works come from Japan and Thailand but I can work with everyone, though I can only contact in English and Thai language.

Right now, most of my works are in cartoon/manga/doujin, card game artworks (mobile and pc games) and CG rendered game characters.

My dream is to make my own Artbook. If you support me, I will really appreciate it. I will draw at least 2-4 pictures per month. Thank you!

How often do you update?
I try 2 updates per month. You would be getting 6 comic pages or 2-5 dark side set of character per update. Thank you 

How to get the file?
I will send files when your pledge has processed with a message only. Thank you. 

Why my pledged was declined?
Now, Paypal and your debit card can't pay on creator's patreon who opened "my works maybe NSFW", You can pledge me again with credit card only, please.

Why some your works was Free?

For Free content is very low quality, on Gumroad is medium quality and for all my patrons just get very High quality and a lot of rewards only!! 

I know, someone was pirate my work to free. That is very bad for me. Please don't hurt me like this.
Thank you♥

Old products for new patreon, you can get it on Gumroad.
71% complete
You can vote character with you like, I will draw it.
2 Characters !!
1 Comic page !!

Let support the next goal
+ 1 Character !!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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