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This donation gives you access to my blog, videos, recipes and other content. Consider it to be equal to buying me a beer or a cup of coffee once a month - and thank you for providing me with the freedom to create. I hope you enjoy access to the process. 

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You will receive a collection of printed cards with a picture of a custom cocktail on the front, ingredients list and mixology instructions on the back. They will be printed on high quality, moisture resistant paper, excellent for display.

The Paper Naked Man
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At this annual support level, I'll send you a sketch, conte-crayon on toned paper. Let me know if you want the figure standing, reclining, or involved in an erotic act. This drawing will be from existing work, vs. a patron-directed piece. It will be unframed, and shipped in a archive protected clear-glassene sleeve.




My day job involves creating graphic design and illustration. My evenings and weekends are spent painting, drawing, writing, and behind the camera. I would like to spend more time doing the things I do as a hobby and less time doing the things to pay the rent. 

Drawing naked men lights me up, in part since I run a group in the Washington DC area where we meet, and the artists and model are all naked, so I usually have work to share with the group. The group is called the Naked Drawing Group of Washington, D.C.. Some of the other founders of the group have founded a group in New York and another in Arizona. I believe there is an unrelated group in San Francisco, but I think just the models are naked in that group?!?

People are a bit reluctant to display male nudes. I hope that changes. I have sold quite a few of my drawings (people seem to like the toned paper and that they tend to look authentic and expensive when framed.)

I'm also a photographer, I paint (flowers, mostly), but sometimes models come and pose for me.

I write recipes or try out some I find in books and online and can sometimes offer ways to tweak the recipes.

I am also quite the fan of creating custom cocktails and posting images of them.

...and sometimes I rant about current political events. I live near Washington inside the beltway, I am a political junkie and as most people who live around this city, I am under the weird impression that someone might have an interest in listening to my point of view.

...then there's the dungeon - its a small room where consenting adults get up to exploration of their bodies and minds, usually through ritualized sex. Sometimes I'll discuss those topics, too, but to those who do not enjoy that subject, I will provide ample warning before venturing down that path, and any adult-specific paths in general.

Since I have so many interests, and entirely too many places around the internet that I'm exerting creative force and providing content for others for free, why not curtail that behavior a bit, consolidate my energies (and sites) and focus them, and maybe use them to pay the rent, occasionally refresh supplies, and sometimes renew my creative energies with deserved rest?
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I'll create video preparing a cocktail or cooking a recipe of my own devising, viewable only by patrons contributing $5 or more per month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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