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About Goku-san

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Welcome to my Patreon!

I am an insomniac duck who draws a lot of cartoon ducks and other anthropomorphic/cartoon animals. I am a disabled freelance artist and character designer *** and art is how I make my living. By supporting me here on Patreon, you help fund my late night art projects while also help pay my bills (ha! Puns) and the care of my chameleon, Spock and a pair of finches named Bleep and Blip. Don't worry. There will still be plenty of free stuff I post!

Check out all of the nifty rewards you get for being a Patron!

By pledging you gain early access to fun sketches, world building, and any art projects along with works in progress (weekdays only, schedule permitting). Higher tiers offer more rewards. Also, check out my goals for various projects I am working on. Occasionally, will offer free art to my patrons! You also get access to my Discord art server!

Art Content
I specialize in character and fantasy work. Art subjects include character designs, fantasy creatures, animal characters, and anthropomorphic animals. I also do fan-art as well. However, all Patrons may suggest other themes or subjects for me to draw.*
Post your suggestions here.

* Please keep it clean! I do not take NSFW requests! If there is a character and fandom I'm not familiar with please provide a reference when making the suggestion.

World Building Content
I have various little worlds that some of my personal characters belong to. The following is what you may see posted here. Eventually, I would love for people to interact with some of these worlds!

Caelestis-The world of Caelestis is a fantasy realm full of dragons and other mythical creatures.

The homeworld of the Comeliusian Fluffwing, a species of sentient alien fluffy ducks! This alien planet is full of wonder and danger around very corner!

Vinzarus-A planet colonized by a group of former animal experiments who have evolved over the years after escaping from Earth and war.

Fat Chicken & Friends-
A little pink rooster in a big world! Join in his adventures on the farm!

Into the Duckverse-This is mainly a fandom based project where I draw fan content for the Disney Duckverse including canon characters and my fan characters. Includes future possible fan webcomics.

Work Schedule

Work Days: Mon-Thurs*
Personal/Days Off: Fri-Sun
*Highly susceptible to change and unknown delays may occur due to health or offline life occurrences.

**Rewards may be subject to change.
***Disclaimer: Please understand due to some of the issues because of my disability, there may be periods where I am unable to produce content. If there is any delays in posting I will post a notification about it whenever possible.
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