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In early 2013, Noel Franklin chose to apply her degree in fine arts from Western Washington University and her modest success in literary ventures towards the pursuit of making fine comics. 

As a former teenage arc-welder, Noel found entry into comics through Maggie the Mechanic of Love and Rockets fame. Friendships with several Pacific Northwest cartoonists kept the art form present in her imagination. 

Noel attributes her unique style, building dark and light shapes from densely knotted lines, to her experience with stone lithography.  She also feels that gutters between panels keep the viewer from total immersion in the world she invents in her stories. 

In addition to creating Gone Girl Comics, she is a regular contributor to inkt|art and has multiple journal and anthology publications pending in late 2014. Noel is working towards creating her first graphic novel. 

Ms. Franklin has earned grants from the Seattle Arts Commission and Jack Straw Foundation as well as served on the 1998 National Seattle National Slam Team. She has traditionally made a living as a grant writer, and continues to work in nonprofit management consulting and freelance illustration. She is also an avid urban gardener.


Seattle, WA, USA

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Founding Patron Mini Zine!

In honor of my creative roots in poetry, and the fact that my most loved poem is partially about choosing to work as a welder in college,  I will send a limited edition mini comic containing the comic short story "Shipyard Espionage" and the welding-night club-Vincent Van Gogh poem "Theo" to the first 50 Patreons who sign up at any level!  You will be listed in the back of this lovingly created zine as a founding patron, and I think it will be a wonderful, amazing community, that Thank You page.  (You can read "Theo" here, on the City of Seattle website.)

Hi!  My name is Noel Franklin, and I make comics. 

I have a background in poetry and fine arts printmaking.  Last year, I decided to combine my literary and visual arts impulses, and the results have me determined to pursue the creation of story-rich and visually stunning comics for as long as I can wield a pen. 

My first mini-comic, Gone Girl Comics, was positively reviewed in The Comics Journal and The Comics Bulletin, and my stories have been accepted into local, national and international publications.  I will be continuing to produce Gone Girl Comics as an annual 28-page comic containing theme-related short stories, while creating work for anthologies and journals, all in preparation for several larger graphic novels.

By investing in me, you are investing in an artist who:

  • Works on comics every day
  • Has a growing reputation that will continue to develop with your support
  • Invests Patreon funds into materials for creation and promotion of new works
  • Thanks you in every publication she puts out independently and on her websites, and
  • Is building a community for her Patreons inside of her creative world.  

  • Monthly supporters at $3 or above will receive a 5" x 7" original commission (at minimum).  Among other benefits, I will print all commissions in a compiled mini-comic that includes a cover and original story created exclusively for Patreons to be sent off as a holiday package to patreons only at the end of the year.  Yes, you have the option to "opt out" your commission from the compilation, but I believe seeing them all together would be fun (and I won't be advertising which image went to who!)

    I will also be sharing things on my Patreon blog before I share them with the rest of the world--things like invitation-only opportunities I can't talk about because the final artwork hasn't been approved, or images from work that will be being published in a few months but are otherwise under wraps.

    You can learn more about me and get links to full stories at  Thank you for supporting my work!

    PS--If you are outside of the United States, please add some additional funds to your monthly pledge to cover the international shipping costs!  Thank you!!
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