is creating Ineptitude, a Text-Based D&D Inspired adventure
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Thank you for taking the plunge! For this tier, you'll gain access to the first Chapter of the game upon release, so you can really see if you're a fan of it before paying the full $4 price. As well as that, you'll be given a spot in the supporters section of the game, immortalised however you want to be forever in a cheeky little text game made by some guy.

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You've done it! You've bought the game and you've made it more than clear you believe in me and the future of this game. Like before, I couldn't thank you enough for believing in me. From here till the end of time, you'll receive every update and every chapter added to the game for absolutely free, regardless of the price the game ends up being.

Double Trouble!
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For donating more than the cost of the game, you can enjoy TWO copies of the game. Give one to your buddy and play together! Share screens on discord or try to find all of the scenes hidden in the game, it's up to you now!




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About Gooberman

Good Evening!
My name is Gooberman and I'm the sole developer for the text-based adventure game, Ineptitude. The game is heavily inspired by D&D, a pass-time that me and my friends have enjoyed, even though we've never actually played the proper rules of it. The game you see here, Ineptitude, was originally going to be a side project while I developed a different game called "Nesh". However, after participating in a game jam and creating the demo for this game in about 4 days, I fell completely in love with the idea of finishing this creation. It had to be done!

Currently, I'm in the midst of creating Chapter 1 of the game, which continues after the tutorial section (currently available here on of the game. Already, I've created a series of paths and options for you to take and experience. In honesty, I'm just a normal call centre worker who wants to be a dev and I can't sit here, typing this, and tell you that I can promise you the world or exactly what you want from an indie text adventure.

I can promise you that I'm doing the best I can to make an enjoyable experience. More than anything I want my name out there. Not famous, that's not my goal. More just able to say "Yeah, I made that game". See something I made on the Steam store. That's the real dream.

It's why I've opened up this Patreon, in the hopes of being able to afford to put it on the Steam store and to be able to afford more days dedicated to writing the game. Any amount is more than enough and I hope you consider donating.

Future plans for this game include an incredible amount of paths for you to enjoy, hopefully being able to play the game multiple times and always find a new experience. I hope, more than anything, that people play my game and enjoy it. Text adventure games almost feel like a thing of the past and I don't think we should let go of the roots that paved the path for videogames to become as large as they are today.

I'm happy you took the time to even read this, and to all that have read this:

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Upon reaching this mark, I'll be starting a weekly upload schedule on Youtube, showing what I've been up to in the week. It gives you a solid look at the code I use to create Ineptitude!
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