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About The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard

Heya, Adam, Anouk & Yann here,

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit our Patreon page. Here you can directly support the podcast and every $£€ you donate will support the show in some capacity. We have some cool rewards too, check them out!

We are 'The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Standard'. This name does not reflect our individual traits but that's how our movie discussion podcast is called.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland and trained as actors together in 2016, we started this podcast as a way to stay busy between acting jobs and it has now grown into something bigger, even leading to acting gigs sometimes.

The full interactive live streams are exclusive to our backers. Interacting with us while we are streaming will remain exclusive to backers except in the situations when we have outside guests who came to discuss their own productions (also in the rare cases when it's a specific request and when we have stage events to announce).
The first 15-30 minutes of each episode will be streamed on Facebook Live and the video episode available for everyone on YouTube will contain the portion which was on Facebook plus the audio only to complete said video episode, when the coresponding edited audio versions are released on all podcasting platforms.
The full videos will only be available here to our backers.

On the subject of merch. We do not plan to have any merchandise at first but we are working on some options for physical things like show related t-shirts and a book.

NB: Our live events i.e. 'podcasting on stage' will incur a ticket price for the general public which should be around £5. Most of our reward tiers include at least one free ticket to these special events.

PS: The episodes are encoded in standard quality (128 kbps) to avoid 'giganormous' download times on the podcasting platforms. The standard quality is very very good already and the human ear can't distinguish that from a better quality. Still, the feed of episodes you will get here as a patron is the best possible (320 kbps, or 224/256kbps if the file is too big).
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When we reach 10 patrons, we'll start a weekly live video, documenting how we make the podcast.
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