is creating Text Alerts for Twitch Streamers

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Send your HeyGuys.live subscribers a text message every time you go live! The text will include a link to your twitch channel and the game you are playing.

Don't rely on app notifications to let your followers know you're live! Build your subscriber list and upgrade to our next tier if you wish to send custom texts!

Custom Messaging

per month
Send text messages directly to your HeyGuys.live subscribers!

Maximum of 2 texts every 24 hours. 

You have control of your very own HeyGuys.live dashboard to send out custom text messages! Include a photo, your logo, anything you wish! Include a link to your stream and/or special offers (sponsorship links, affiliate codes etc).

You control our service to work on AUTOMATIC Mode or MANUAL Mode.

AUTOMATIC Mode will send a customized message out when you go live. You can toggle this mode on and off as you wish.

MANUAL Mode allows you to send out a custom text message to your subscribers whenever you wish! Send a special thanks after a stream, promote a sponsor or affiliate code, let everyone know you're running late or going to miss a stream etc.

Stay more connected than EVER.

PLUS, if you ever get banned by Twitch, you will have your HeyGuys.live subscribers to message and communicate with.



About HeyGuys.live

Become a patron so your viewers can get text alerts when you start your stream!

HeyGuys.live will increase loyalty and your overall viewership, helping you grow your channel.

Once activated, all you need to do is link to your HeyGuys.live page on your mixer channel so your viewers can sign up! Be sure to send your mixer channel to [email protected] after you sign up and I will get it activated and email you back with your account details ASAP.

We truly appreciate your support. This service takes real money to run. Your patronage helps keep this service run at 100% and helps streamers like you grow your following!

Thank you so much,
Greg Jarvis
Creator & Owner
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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