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About Leah Carey

You know those special conversations you have with your best girlfriend at 1 a.m. over a bottle (or two) of wine?

It's that conversation where you feel so safe and open that you talk about the real sex and relationship stuff …

... that thing the magazines say you’re supposed to love, but it just sounds awkward ...
... that thing you're hoping your partner will do, but you're too afraid to ask for it ...
... that thing that happened as a teenager that still feels icky to think about 20 years later ...
... that sorta kinky thing that happened on a date last week that you loved, but now you're wondering if that's okay ...

There is a deep hunger among women for conversations about sexuality. We live in a stew of questions - am I normal? Do other people feel the way I do? Is it okay that I like/don’t like this? Am I broken?

I started the Good Girls Talk About Sex podcast so we can have these conversations out loud. It's real women talking about their real stories of sex and sexuality. It's a place where you can hear your own story mirrored back to you and know that you're not alone or crazy or broken. And you might even hear some things that help expand your horizons of what might be possible in your own bedroom!

By joining the Good Girls Talk About Sex Patreon community, you're supporting open and honest conversations about female sexuality – and you don’t have to stay up until the middle of the night or wake up with a wine hangover to do it!

Beginning July 2020, all audio extras are FREE for everyone. 

I decided to move from a you-pay-me-to-hear-the-audio-extras model on Patreon to a you-can-listen-to-everything-free-on-Patreon-and-support-me-if-you-want-to model because I know that this material can be life-changing for some people. It can even be life-saving for women who are in abusive circumstances and experience these shows as a lifeline.

But there are studies that show that people who have been the victims of abuse and assault under-earn their peers. And I don’t know about you, but I meet remarkably few women who haven’t at some point been abused and/or assaulted. If I really want to serve ALL women and people who were socialized as little girls, a financial barrier to these audio segments no longer makes sense to me. And asking women who are in controlling or abusive relationships to put a charge on their credit card each month for something that screams “female empowerment” is a non-starter because it would just increase the danger they are in.

So audio extras are now free. With that said, this podcast is not free to produce so I value the support I get from Patreon community members who are able to make a financial contribution.

If my work is meaningful to you and you have a few dollars to support it each month, I'll gratefully accept. If you have more than a few dollars, consider donating extra in honor of other women who need this material but aren’t in a position to contribute.

I appreciate every one of you, whether you’re a client, a contributor, a social media follower, or a silent listener. I trust you to know what’s right for you. Thank you for being here.
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Cover the basic costs of producing Good Girls Talk About Sex so it becomes self-sustaining far into the future!
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