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We’ve only been around for a couple of years but we have lots of ideas for the future. By pledging, you will join our advisory group, giving feedback or suggestions throughout our journey. 


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About Good News Shared

Recent research
has found almost 4 in 10 people in the UK cannot name a single local charity. Despite this, more than half the population believe local charities play an important role in their communities.

Good News Shared was started in April 2014 to raise awareness of the impact charities – particularly small charities – are having on their communities. Since our launch we have featured more than 800 uplifting charitable stories.

Every day people come onto our site and they read about someone or something awesome. Some of our readers share our stories with friends via email and / or social media (we love you guys!), and some don't (that’s OK, we still like you too). All of our readers are hopefully leaving our site feeling happier, more inspired, and more informed about charities.

It's clear from the messages we receive that people love having access to uplifting charitable stories from around the world. 

Raising awareness of smaller charities is very important. The most common reason people give for not donating to a local charity is not knowing enough about them. Greater awareness of the work and impact of small charities would lead to more people helping, either through volunteering or donating.

About Good News Shared

Everyone who contributes to the site does so on a voluntary basis. We do it because we believe in the power of positivity and because we know so many incredible charities who deserve some attention and support.

Good News Shared has had a great start and we've developed a passionate readership. As well as the 800 + incredible, heart-warming stories, we have also produced more than 40 podcast interviews where volunteers share their story with us in their own words.

In the past two years we have built up an active community of ambassadors, volunteers and readers. At the end of 2016 we launched our first product- The Moments Journal, a guided journal that helps people feel more positive and optimistic as they remember the good things that happened in their day. 

We know two things now:

1) Good News Shared should continue for a long time. People want to read about the good stuff and charities need help in raising awareness about their positive contributions to communities.

2) We need to make Good News Shared self-sustaining. The "fund Good News Shared with savings + freelance work" plan was fine for the first two years, but it's not sustainable. Good News Shared deserves to be the priority, rather than being something I fit in around ‘rent-paying work’. Our writers and other team members deserve to be paid for their work, plus this is necessary if Good News Shared is to grow. If Good News Shared is going to go on for a long time, it has to be able to support itself. The good news is that we don't need a huge amount each month in order to become sustainable. 

What We Need to be able to Pay For

The money from our wonderful Patreonsplus income from a store selling ethical, inspirational products (we plan to develop this next year) will be enough to keep Good News Shared going, indefinitely. Here are Good News Shared's costs:

- Hosting: We need a robust enough hosting plan to support the spikes in traffic we sometimes get so we don't crash during those moments. We also pay for hosting for the Good News Shared podcast.

- MailChimp: The service we use to email our subscribers once a fortnight. This fee grows as our email list grows.

- Ongoing web development: We recently re-designed our website thanks to the help of an incredible volunteer. We'd like to continue to develop our site over time, plus there are a few maintenance costs we need to pay for to ensure our site is safe and secure.

- Social Media: A lot of our new readers find us via social media. Keeping up with social media would be a 24/7 job if it wasn't for tools we use to schedule many of our posts.

- Me: I need to continue to eat fruit and vegetables (I'm vegetarian!) and pay the rent. I am a pretty low maintenance kind of girl so I don't need much else! 

- Writers: To grow we need regular freelance writers to find, research and write about inspiring charitable activities around the world. We could keep going with volunteer writers but not only is it fair to pay writers for their work (they need to eat too), it will help us feature more awesome stories each week. Currently we share a minimum of five stories each week, with the majority being written by me. With regular freelance writers on board we would be able to double or maybe even triple that amount, and I would have time to work on developing the site further.

That's the basics. With these covered, Good News Shared can support itself. If we pass our minimum goal, we'll use additional funds to start expanding. There are other projects we'd love to do (books, calendars, apps, etc.), and if we can pass our Patreon goal, we'll begin to have the means to do even more with Good News Shared.

What our readers say:

“I’ve been on and off your website all day, it’s made a dent in my productivity but it’s been a wonderful morning of reading. I think it’s fantastic, I often criticize the mainstream news for painting a very dismal picture of our world when in fact, as your site shows, the world is full of wonderful people with wonderful ideas.” - B. Revill

"Reading a story with a positive message can make your whole day seem brighter.” - R. Kashyap

Thanks for any support you can offer if you decide to, and thanks for being a Good News Shared reader!

Nisha Kotecha

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Any funding we raise on Patreon is going to be a massive help but this is the goal that would allow us to keep Good News Shared going, ad free, for a long time. See the text on the left for more details.
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