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We created Good Orbit to give a platform for independent artists presenting compelling live shows at venues Union Hall and the Bell House. They produce the live show, Good Orbit produces, distributes, and promotes the recordings. So far we have 6 podcasts: Nightmares: Funny People, Scary Dreams, The Scientists, Rent Party, Pulitzer Surprises, Book Club: A Comedy Show, and Serious Matters. We will be producing studio shows soon in addition to the live stage shows.

Any income we receive goes almost entirely to the artists after show expenses. You can specify which show you'd like to support, or donate directly via each show's paypal links on the website. Any funds not specified to a show will be applied first to the recording expenses already accrued and future expenses. We have been operating with and unpaid mini crew and your support will make sure we can continue on and grow.
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This would cover recording expenses for all the shows each month.
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